Assi (river)

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location Uttar Pradesh ( India )
River system Ganges
Drain over Ganges  → Indian Ocean
origin in Varanasi
25 ° 16 ′ 16 ″  N , 82 ° 58 ′ 38 ″  E
muzzle in Varanasi in the Ganges Coordinates: 25 ° 16 ′ 59 ″  N , 83 ° 0 ′ 35 ″  E 25 ° 16 ′ 59 ″  N , 83 ° 0 ′ 35 ″  E

length approx. 5 km

The Assi ( Hindi : अस्सी Assī [ ˈʌsːi ]) or Asi (Hindi: असी Asī or असि Asi [ ˈʌsi ]) is a small river in the city of Varanasi in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh .

The river Assi rises in the southern suburb area of ​​Varanasis near the campus of the Banaras Hindu University and flows from there meandering around five kilometers to the northeast. It originally flowed into the Ganges at the Assi Ghat , the southernmost of the Varanasi ghats . In 1981/1982 the course of the Assi was artificially changed and the estuary was moved around 500 meters to the south.

Although little more than a small trickle, the Assi is of certain importance because of its connection with the city ​​of Varanasi, which is holy for the Hindus . It is already mentioned in the Puranas . According to traditional belief, the Assi, together with the Ganges and the Varuna rivers in the north, mark the borders of Varanasi as a sacred space. The name Varanasi is therefore derived from the river names Varuna and Assi. It is more likely, however, that the Varuna River, which in older literature was also known as Varanasi, gave the city its name.

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