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On the way of the pyramid of Niuserre
Reconstructed segment of the ascent of the Unas with roof and light slot

An Aufweg is a connecting path between the valley temple on the edge of the fruit land and the pyramid temple on the desert plateau .

The first access routes were in the east-west oriented pyramid districts of King Sneferu . They consisted of a narrow, covered stone corridor and were dimly lit through slits in the ceiling. Due to their considerable length (181 to 1500 m) they formed a traffic obstacle and were often equipped with underpasses. The walls were given reliefs from the 5th dynasty . At the top, they showed tribute-bringers and secular scenes, and further down, the victory of the royal spoons over the enemy.

In the case of the Sesostris I pyramid , the pathway was equipped with royal statue pillars . These were rather elongated interiors that linked spatially separated but functionally closely related buildings. In the Middle Kingdom , the access road was protected on both sides by flanking brick walls, of which often only these have been preserved and simulated the “open” access roads. It was more about processional streets that were mainly used for amunfestivals . Such improper access was only found at the mortuary temples of Mentuhotep II , Hatshepsut and Thutmose III. in Deir el-Bahari . The latter was planted with a double row of trees at the lower end. In the sixth dynasty Aufwege were for nomarchs -Gräber in Aswan and Tjebu rebuilt.

Lengths of some routes

Surname length
Radjedef pyramid 1500 m
Unas pyramid 0666 m
Cheops pyramid 0616 m
Mykerinos pyramid 0600 m
Pepi II pyramid 0515 m
Chephren pyramid 0494 m
Niuserre pyramid 0400 m
Meidum pyramid 0241 m
Sahure pyramid 0235 m
Amenemhet III pyramid 0181 m

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