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From England is an anthology of reports by Theodor Fontane (1819–1898), which was first published in 1860.


From England includes reports from England that Fontane wrote for various German newspapers in the 1850s. They deal with historical, political and cultural topics. The first edition was subtitled Studies and Letters on London Theater, Art and the Press. The texts contain numerous statistical information and information about people.


Fontane visited England for the first time in 1844. His stay was mainly London and took place during a 14-day vacation from his military training. In the summer of 1852 he traveled to London for the second time, this time as a journalist. Now he stayed for almost half a year. He wrote his experiences in the book A Summer in London , which appeared in 1854. On the one hand, he was fascinated by the big city life, the historical buildings and the idyll of the London area, on the other hand he mocked British bizarre things and criticized the petty mercantilism and snobbish nobility in his typical mixture of objective information and subjective commentary .

From 1855 to 1859 Fontane lived as a foreign correspondent for the Central Office for Press Affairs in London. His stay there was intended to influence the British press in the spirit of Prussia . The United Kingdom was involved in the Crimean War until 1856 , trying to win Prussia on its side. But Prussia wanted to maintain its neutrality. Fontane's initial enthusiasm for England waned during his stay. In 1858, at the age of 40, he went on a journey of several weeks to Scotland, about which he wrote the book Beyond the Tweed . After Fontane left England in 1859, he never returned to the United Kingdom.

In the same year Fontane began to write the walks through the Mark Brandenburg , also travelogues with a historical focus. In the following year, From England and Beyond the Tweed appeared in Germany. From England came first in 1858 in sections in the time been published and later published in two booklets before it as a book by Seubert-Verlag Ebner & came out.


First edition

  • From England. Studies and letters on London theater, art and the press. Ebner & Seubert, Stuttgart 1860

Further editions with reports from From England

  • From England and Scotland. F. Fontane & Co., Berlin 1900
  • From England and Scotland. Complete works XVII. Nymphenburger Verlagshandlung, Munich 1971
  • Wanderings through England and Scotland. Two volumes. Verlag der Nation, Berlin 1980, ISBN 9783373004745 (3rd edition)
  • Happy journey - impressions from England and Scotland. Structure, Berlin 2003, ISBN 9783746652481

An annotated new edition is being prepared at the Göttingen Theodor Fontane workstation , which will present all the texts in their historical form for the first time in one volume.

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