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The BBC Board of Governors was a body of the British broadcaster BBC and existed from 1927 to December 31, 2006. It monitored the institution and represented the interests of the general public, especially those of listeners and viewers. The body consisted of twelve members. It was comparable to the broadcasting councils of the public broadcasters in Germany. It was replaced by the BBC Trust on January 1, 2007 .


The committee had the task of defining the goals of the BBC and monitoring compliance with them. Any complaints that may have occurred were also investigated. It submitted an annual report to the British Parliament and the British public on the situation of the institution. There was no direct influence on the program. The general manager and other senior positions of the BBC were, however, determined by the body.

The members were appointed by the head of the British monarchy (currently Queen Elizabeth II ). However, ministers recommended the candidates to the British government. The members of the panel were nominated by various circles in British society, with four each responsible for one of the regions of England , Northern Ireland , Scotland and Wales . The term of office lasted four years (previously five years).

The government's designation of future members also met with critics. The government under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was accused of particularly exerting influence . Prime Minister Tony Blair appointed Michael Grade on the recommendation of an independent selection committee.

In March 2005, a reform paper was published by the UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Among other things, it proposes to replace the BBC Board of Governors with a BBC Trust . This change was made in January 2007.


The members of the board (as of December 31, 2006) were last:

  • Anthony Salz (Chairman)
  • Professor Ranjit Sondhi (for the regions of England )
  • Professor Fabian Monds (for the regions of Northern Ireland )
  • Professor Merfyn Jones (for the regions of Wales )
  • Jeremy Peat (for the regions of Scotland )
  • Deborah Bull
  • Dermot Gleeson
  • Angela Sarkis
  • Richard Tait, appointed August 1, 2004 for a four-year term.



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