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The related areas of library, information and documentation science ( BID ) all deal with information and knowledge in the broadest sense . In the documentation science , it's all about the collection and processing of information on their Auffindbarmachung. The library science dedicated to this task, but it prepares the results for use in libraries on. The diverse range of topics in information science includes a focus on the general analysis of information processes and is more closely related to computer science than the other two disciplines. While in English-speaking countries, among other things, Library and Information Science sees itself more as a coherent subject, in Germany there is still a separation into these three areas.

Other institutions active in the information sector are news and press agencies and the press . Instead of using these facilities to search for information yourself, you can also use a so-called information broker or press services to search for information .

BID facilities

Many specialist institutions simultaneously maintain a documentation center, library and archive and offer their bibliographies as a database.

Whether there is a dedicated documentation center on a topic depends above all on whether there is a donor. This in turn is u. a. determined by the scientific relevance of the topic and the possibility of a differentiation from other disciplines.


Associations from the librarianship sector are grouped together under librarianship associations .

The German Society for Information Science and Information Practice e. V. (DGI, until 1999 DGD) is an interest group of professionals and scientists in the field of information and documentation science. Comparable associations are the Austrian Society for Documentation and Information (ÖGDI) and the Swiss Association for Documentation (SVD / ASD).

In addition, there are specialist societies in the field of information and library science and related disciplines, e.g. B .:

Study and teaching

Library and information science is taught and researched at German universities. There are currently a total of twelve chairs at seven universities. Due to the small number of locations and chairs, library and information science is considered a minor subject in German university policy .

The subject is represented at the following universities:

A list of courses in the BID area can be found, for example, at the following address:

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