Professional society

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A specialist society is the union of scientifically active or interested people in a specialist area .

The objectives are to represent the professional political interests of the subject and the specialist representatives (then one also speaks of a professional association ), to disseminate the relevant specialist knowledge and to take it into account in political decisions. A scientific society is usually an association of people working in science or those who have achieved a certain degree (regular membership, e.g. linked to a doctorate, e.g. German Society for Psychology ).

Professional societies organize annual scientific meetings and congresses in their specialist field, and in some cases they publish their own scientific journals or publish them with publishers. As a rule, professional associations are corporations in the legal form of a registered association (eV).

Professional societies also take part in political decision-making (statements or active involvement by politics) if their specialty is involved. In these cases, conflict situations can arise between the necessary consideration of professional competence and the representation of professional interests.