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Oeder, panel IX with Dresden (map facing south)

Balthasar Zimmermann (* 1570 in Annaberg ; † 1633 or 1634 in Dresden ) was a land surveyor and cartographer from the Saxon region .


The Saxon surveyor and cartographer Matthias Oeder began the first Saxon land survey in 1586 .

The "Original Oeder" was created as a map series on a scale of 1: 13.333 1/3 to 1607. This was a rather sketchy version, but nevertheless surpassed all maps that existed up to that point. Oeder himself worked on the work until his death in 1614.

His as yet unfinished work was continued by his nephew and successor Balthasar Zimmermann on a quarterly scale 1: 53.333 1/3 ("Oeder-Zimmermann") as an elaborated version until it came to an end in the middle of the Thirty Years' War and Zimmermann's death .

Zimmermann lived in the boy Heath on a 4.2-hectare, Weinbergstede mentioned, Land (now Waldhof ), which he in 1625 by Elector Johann Georg I was left.

In 1889 the previously unpublished Oeders map series was published on 17 colored maps for the 800th anniversary of the Wettin reign at Stengel & Markert in Dresden.


  • Matthias Oeder: The first land survey of the Electorate of Saxony. Executed by Matthias Oeder (1586–1607) by order of Elector Christian I. For the 800th anniversary of the reign of the House of Wettin . Stengel & Markert, Dresden 1889.


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