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Baltus Brösel (* allegedly February 29, 1820 in Rutteln bei Wilster ) is a fictional German poet .

life and work

According to the fictitious curriculum vitae printed in Collected Works , Baltus Brösel attended school in Wilster and then began studying in Mecklar , which he broke off to do an apprenticeship with a gatekeeper . After completing his time as a journeyman, he was appointed as a guard of the level crossing in his home village, in which, however, due to the lack of a train connection, he could not continue his work. Nothing is known about his further life. His work, which includes several poems, was only made available to the public after his estate was found in the attic by his great-grandson in 1962. This entrusted the administration of the estate to the Baltus-Brösel-Gesellschaft, which published some poems in the books Gesammelte Werke and Further Works , but noted in the preface that the poems were notable primarily because of their involuntary humor.

Nevertheless, Baltus Brösel received some attention from the alternative youth culture of the sixties. One of his poems, entitled Die Invention des Dieteriches, was set to music by the musician duo Witthüser & Westrupp . Fred Warden dedicated a text to him with the title A Psychoanalysis of the Early Baltus Brösel .


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