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Bathylaco nigricans

Bathylaco nigricans

Subclass : Real bony fish (Teleostei)
Overcohort : Clupeocephala
Cohort : Otomorpha
Order : Alepocephaliformes
Family : Black heads (Alepocephalidae)
Genre : Bathylaco
Scientific name
Goode & Bean , 1896

Bathylaco is a genus of fish from the order Alepocephaliformes . The 29 to 40 centimeters long fish live in all tropical and temperate oceans at depths of 450 to 4,300 meters.


The body of the animals is covered by large cycloid scales. The upper jaw bone ( maxilla ) extends far behind the eye, the premaxillaria (small bones in the front upper jaw) are very small. The pectoral fins have four to eleven fin rays . The number of branchiostegal rays is 7 to 10. In the mouth they have seven to ten gill spines . The upper ones are part of the gill cover. The vertebrae of the fish are not ossified.



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