Bedřichov (mountain)

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View from Kutlíře to Bedřichov

View from Kutlíře to Bedřichov

height 279  m nm
location Nová Ves I , Czech Republic
Mountains Středolabská tabule
Coordinates 50 ° 2 '43 "  N , 15 ° 8' 13"  E Coordinates: 50 ° 2 '43 "  N , 15 ° 8' 13"  E
Bedřichov (mountain) (Czech Republic)
Bedřichov (mountain)
particularities Monument to the Battle of Kolin , lookout tower
The still bald Bedřichov around 1890 (Photo: František Krátký)
Monument to the Battle of Kolin

The Bedřichov (German Friedrichsberg , also König-Friedrichs-Berg ) is a hill above the Elbe valley in the Czech Republic . It is located five kilometers northwest of the city center of Kolín in the Nová Ves I district . At the top there is a monument to the Battle of Kolin and a lookout tower.

Location and surroundings

The hill, which is only wooded on the summit, rises to the left above the Elbe valley. Its slopes are used as arable land, some abandoned quarries have been preserved. Towards the south, the valley of the Bedřichovská svodnice forms the boundary to the Křečhoř plateau (333 m nm). State road I / 38 runs east of Bedřichov between Kolín and Nymburk , and state road I / 12 runs south between Kolín and Český Brod .

The Bedřichov is surrounded in the northeast by Nová Ves I, in the east by Ohrada and in the west by Vítězov. Between Nová Ves I and Vítězov there is a hiking and cycling path over the top.


Until the middle of the 18th century the hill was called Novoveský vrch ( Neudorfer Berg ). In the Seven Years' War the Imperial and Royal Army under Leopold Joseph Count Daun occupied the heights around the Křečhoř and Mukařov during the Prussian siege of Kolín on the evening of June 17, 1757 and was preparing for a Prussian attack by the main Prussian army advancing from Prague under the command of the king Frederick II . On June 18, 1757, the Prussian and Austrian troops met on the heights near Křečhoř in the Battle of Kolin . Prussian artillery batteries were stationed on Novoveský vrch, a little outside the battlefield. In the final phase of the battle, Frederick II commanded the Prussian army from Novoveský vrch and ordered a retreat from there. After the battle, the hill was named Bedřichov ( King Frederick Mountain ).

In 1840 the owner of the Kolín manor, Wenzel Veith, had a memorial for the Battle of Kolín erected on the then still bare Friedrichsberg. The inauguration took place on the 22nd-28th August 1841 at Kolín and Kuttenberg joint Austro-Prussian maneuvers planned. Out of diplomatic consideration for the Prussian side, the Court War Council was concerned about including a celebration to commemorate the Prussian defeat in the official maneuver program and recommended that the administration of the manor house not attach any memories of the battle to the already completed obelisk. Due to its outstanding location, the obelisk was visible from afar.

In the second half of the 19th century, Hornblende was mined in several quarries.

The Bedřichov peak has been forested since the second half of the 20th century. The growth of the trees has meanwhile also hidden the obelisk. In 2018 a lookout tower was built on the eastern edge of the forest of the summit.

Monument to the Battle of Kolín

The monumental obelisk made of simple sandstone blocks was built in the years 1840–1841 at the instigation of the Kolín landlord Wenzel Veith. It was planned to decorate it with reliefs with war scenes by Ludwig Schwanthaler . For diplomatic reasons, however, this was not done, nor was the inauguration ceremony, which Veith had planned as a framework program for an Austro-Prussian maneuver.

After the Battle of Königgrätz in 1866 , the memorial was often visited by Prussian officers, whose task it was to carve the names of the victorious battlefields of 1866 - Nachod , Skalitz , Gitschin , Königgrätz - into the sandstone. In 1889 the obelisk was repaired and officially marked for the first time. He received the bilingual inscription Na památku vítězství nad Prusy v sedmileté válce 18. června 1757 - in memory of the victory over the Prussians in the Seven Years' War on June 18, 1757 .

In the second half of the 20th century the lettering disappeared; At the same time, the monument lost its prominence, which dominated the Kolin Elbe Valley, due to the foresting of the summit and is now hidden by tall trees. In 2005, a memorial plaque designed by Miloslav Smrkovský with the portrait of Frederick II and the text in Czech, German and English was erected in memory of the Battle of Kolín on June 18, 1757. Bedřichov Hill was one of the command posts of the Prussian King Frederick II of the great, the commander in chief of the Prussian army. attached and unveiled June 18, 2005. In 2018 a lookout tower was built on the eastern edge of the forest of the summit.

The obelisk has been protected as a cultural monument since 1958.

Observation tower

The 14 m high wooden three-point tower was built in September-December 2018 by the municipality of Nová Ves I for 1.4 million crowns according to plans by Martin Novák. The viewing platform, accessible via a metal spiral staircase with 63 steps, is 12.6 m high. The main view is the city of Kolín. An all-round view, on the other hand, is offered when walking around the summit at the edge of the forest.

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