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Facade greening with various scaffolding climbing plants on climbing aids

Greening is a collective term for the appropriate selection and planting of plants on or next to buildings and in green spaces .

The aim of greening is usually the visual design of surfaces, for example greening facades or greening roofs, as well as creating green spaces. This usually requires technical measures such as earthworks or the use of suitable climbing aids. Furthermore, permanent care and irrigation are required in order to achieve and then maintain the planned state.

In some construction areas there are specific, and in some cases normative, requirements for the planning and execution of plantings, for example for greenery along the road and in engineering biology , i.e. plantings with technical functions or tasks.

Distinguished from green covers measures such as the restoration of Halden, plantations as part of a compensatory measure or in the forest , the forest cover . The sowing or planting of agricultural crops is also referred to in professional parlance as cultivation or occasionally as (field) cultivation . The term sowing is used for lawns.

The weeding of uncovered soil is not a greening, but a consequence of succession .

The greening of deserts is a particularly difficult task. If it is sustainable, it is the most effective measure for the economic development of arid areas and also improves the local climate . Pioneering work in this field for a long time makes the State of Israel in the Negev - desert . This project was u. a. supported by the forest of the German federal states , for which 450,000 trees were planted in the desert city of Be'er Scheva from 1991 to 2011.

A major reforestation project is China's Green Wall , which is intended to reduce the increasing devastation of entire regions in the north and west of the People's Republic of China . Desert growth began with excessive deforestation for industrial needs and heating, and is further accelerated by sandstorms . The project started in the 1970s and is expected to have greened 350,000 km² of land by 2050. A 4000 km long protective belt will cross 13 provinces and be planted with trees , bushes and grass over a width of up to 100 km .


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