Belousov Point

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Belousov Point
Geographical location
Belousov Point (Antarctica)
Belousov Point
Coordinates 69 ° 51 ′  S , 160 ° 20 ′  E Coordinates: 69 ° 51 ′  S , 160 ° 20 ′  E
location Victoria Land , East Antarctica
coast Oates coast
Waters Somow lake
Waters 2 Whited Inlet
C69198s1 Suvorov Glacier.jpg
Topographic map with Belousov Point (below)

The Belousov Point ( English ; Russian Мыс Белоусова Mys Beloussowa ) is an ice-covered headland on the Oates coast of the East Antarctic Victoria Land . It represents the southern extension of the Anderson Peninsula north of the confluence of the Suworow Glacier in the Somow Sea and marks the eastern boundary of the entrance to Whited Inlet east of Northrup Head .

Participants in the Second Soviet Antarctic Expedition (1956-1958) mapped the area in 1958 and named the headland after Captain Mikhail Prokofievich Belousov (1904-1946), head of the Soviet polar fleet. The New Zealand Antarctic Place-Names Committee transferred the Russian name to English in 1964.

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