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Bernhard Fischer also Bernard Fischer (born January 12, 1821 in Budikau ; † June 17, 1906 in Leipzig ) was a Bohemian rabbi and publicist.


Bernhard Fischer, born in Budikau, studied at the University of Prague after graduating from high school , which he completed in 1850 with the academic degree of Dr. phil. completed. As a result, Bernhard Fischer officiated after private teaching activities in the years 1854 to 1863 as a rabbi in various small communities in the Eger district .

After moving to Leipzig in 1863 - he was teaching there at the university - he began to work as a writer and editor. In addition to his literary works, Fischer also published a new version of Johann Buxtorf's rabbinical lexicons "Lexicon chaldaicum talmudicum et rabbinicum" , published by Moritz Schäfer GmbH & Co in 1875, the third edition of Georg Benedikt Winer's "Winer's Chaldean Grammar for Bible and Targumim", published by Verlag Johann Ambrosius Barth in 1882 and the Hebrew illustrated monthly “Bikkure ha-'Ittim” .

Bernhard Fischer died on June 17, 1906 at the age of 85 in Leipzig.


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  • Hebrew Lesson Letters: Proven Method for Self-Teaching in Old and New Hebrew, CA Koch, 1889
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