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Isidore Singer , born as Isidor Singer (born November 10, 1859 in Mährisch Weißkirchen , Moravia , Austrian Empire ; died February 20, 1939 in New York City , New York ) was an Austro-American writer and lexicographer .


Isidore Singer studied at the University of Vienna from 1872 to 1882 , a doctorate cannot be proven. In addition, he allegedly studied at the rabbinical seminary in Vienna, probably also in Berlin. In 1885/86 he published the Allgemeine Oesterreichische Literaturzeitung and worked as a secretary for the French envoy in Vienna. In 1887 he went with this to Paris , where he worked in the press department of the Foreign Ministry. Singer turned against anti-Semitism at an early age and in 1893/94 published the magazine La Vraie Parole , which turned against anti-Semitism and defended Alfred Dreyfus .

In 1895 he moved to New York. There he collected the money for the Jewish Encyclopedia , which he published in twelve volumes from 1901 to 1906. Of his numerous other encyclopedic projects, however, he was only able to realize a few, such as the International Insurance Encyclopedia (1909).


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  • Press and Judaism. 1882.
  • Should the Jews become Christians? 1884.
    • Should the Jews become Christians? 2nd Edition. Frank, Vienna 1884 ( digitized version )
  • Letters from famous Christian contemporaries on the Jewish question , Vienna: Frank 1885.
  • The two electrons - humanistic education and classical teaching. 1884.
  • On my mother's grave. 1888.
  • Le Prestige de la France. 1889.
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  • The Jews' struggle for justice. 1902.


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