Bernhard Sprickmann Kerkerinck

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Bernhard Sprickmann Kerkerinck (born March 29, 1837 in Siegen , † December 28, 1915 in Warendorf ) was a German lawyer and honorary citizen of the city of Emmerich am Rhein . He was a great-grandson of the Westphalian poet and lawyer Anton Matthias Sprickmann (1749-1833).

Life stations

In the summer semester of 1857 Sprickmann Kerkerinck began studying law at the University of Greifswald . There he belonged to the Greifswald fraternity Rugia .

After completing his studies, he was a district judge in Emmerich from around 1867 and a district judge in Rees around 1878 . In 1881 he was appointed district court advisor in Emmerich. After retiring on April 1, 1902, he moved to Warendorf in 1905 . Sprickmann Kerkerinck was unmarried and had no children.

Honorary citizen

On November 29, 1901 Sprickmann Kerkerinck was given honorary citizenship of the city of Emmerich because of his commitment to the weak in society . According to him, which was Sprickmann-Kerkerinck street named.

Individual evidence

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