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Bertha Dudde (born April 1, 1891 in Liegnitz, Silesia, today Legnica , † September 18, 1965 in Leverkusen ) was a tailor, she called herself a prophetess .

life and work

From her autobiography: Bertha Dudde grew up with six siblings as the second eldest daughter of an artist in poor circumstances. She only enjoyed the elementary school education that was usual at the time and practically exercised her inclination for tailoring at an early age in order to support the family financially. She continued to do this into old age in order to earn a living.

Her parents belonged to different Christian denominations and raised their children in this regard with relative religious freedom. Therefore she had hardly any denominational knowledge worth mentioning, because she kept herself away from church influence because she was opposed to these teachings. She wrote that she first perceived an inner voice on July 15, 1937 :

"I prayed and paid attention to my inner being - I stayed very still - I often remained in this state, because a wonderful peace always came over me and thoughts that I felt - in the heart area, not in my head - gave me consolation and Force."

Your complete work of recorded revelations consists of 9030 consecutively numbered and dated individual declarations, each with different and separate contents, which were later summarized by others to focus on topics and translated into several languages.

The content of the announcement texts claim to be of divine origin and proponents attribute them to the new revelations .

The worldview from the totality of the announcements develops a far-reaching, clearly Christocentric worldview, which also has Gnostic, Buddhist and Hindu tints in details.

The resulting image of God and man differs significantly from that propagated by traditional Christianity.


Critics doubt its claim to act as a revelation of divine origin. They accuse it of vagueness, similarities to the prophecies of other seers and sometimes existential contradictions to the Bible . In her work, Dudde also cites numerous "explanations" on scientific questions, especially astronomy . However, these often do not stand up to closer scientific examination, for example the gas planet Saturn is described as a planet made of transparent metal and it is claimed that other stars could not exist without our sun .


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