Best Friends (School Soap)

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Television series
Original title Best friends
Best friends logo6-1-.jpg
Country of production Switzerland
original language Swiss German
Year (s) 2010–2012
B&B Endemol Shine
Episodes 150 in 3 seasons
genre Soap opera
Theme music Andrina and Manuel - Best Friends
First broadcast August 31, 2010 on SF two

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Best Friends is a television series in the form of a soap opera for children and young people , which was broadcast as part of the children's program window Zambo . It first aired when Zambo started broadcasting on August 30, 2010. Best Friends was broadcast for the first time from Monday to Friday at 6:05 p.m. and on the weekends in the mornings. One episode, with the exception of double episode 101, lasts around ten minutes.

In late November 2010 it was announced that production for a second season of the series would begin in January 2011. The new episodes first aired on April 25, 2011. Best Friends was produced by b & b endemol . With the broadcast in spring 2012, the third and final season was broadcast.

All episodes of the series can be watched online for free on the SRF Zambo website .


Best Friends is based on the Dutch series Spangas, from which most of the roles and their characters were taken. However, some role names have been adapted to the Swiss standard.


The setting is the fictional Spalenbühl school in Switzerland.

The outside scenes were shot in Switzerland (mainly in the canton of Aargau). The school house scenes come from a school house near Amsterdam, which is also the location of Spangas.


main actor

actor Role name Started Exit Remarks
Vanessa Comte Jula Meier Sonderegger episode 1 after the 2nd season
Anja Monn Jula Meier Sonderegger 3rd season active
Sanjiv Adhihetty Tobias "Töbu" Vonlanthen episode 1 active Brother of Flip and Lena; Son of Frank Vonlanthen (headmaster); Friend of Leyla; in reality brother of Roshan Adhihetty (Flip)
Valérie Schneider Fiona Picaroon episode 1 active
Steve Devonas Beni (Benjamin) Keller episode 1 active
Anja Lopes Avalanche Da Silva episode 1 active
Elif Gencer Irmak Sertkaya episode 1 active
Aaron Arens Marko Ibraimi episode 1 active
Roshan Adhihetty Flip (Philip) Vonlanthen episode 1 active Brother of Tobias and Lena; Son of Frank Vonlanthen (headmaster); in reality brother of Sanjiv Adhihetty (Tobias)
Tanja Lehmann Lena (Magdalena) Vonlanthen episode 1 active Sister of Tobias and Flip; Daughter of Frank Vonlanthen (headmaster)
Basil Eidenbenz Luki (Lukas) Örtli episode 1 active
Nathanael Schaer Jochen Dammann episode 1 active Teacher for KuReX (culture, religion and society); Substitute teacher for mathematics; Friend of Silvan (gay)
Isabella Schmid Rosmarie Roth episode 1 active German teacher
Jean-Christophe Nigon Frank Vonlanthen episode 1 active Principal; Father of Tobias, Flip and Lena; Science teacher
Zdenko Jelcic Antonin Petrovic episode 1 active facility manager

supporting cast

1st season

actor Role name Started Exit Remarks
Melina Bleuler Mona episode 1 Episode 10 pupil
Cihan Inan Mr. Sertkaya episode 1 active Father of Irmak
Christian Samuel Weber Ronny Keller Episode 3 active Brother of Beni
Noriana Nobashari Betty Episode 5 active Wife of Beni's brother
Joshua Schifferle Flo (Florian) Episode 6 Episode 27 student
Miriam Japp Mrs. Flückiger Episode 6 Episode 28 English teacher
Bahar Sarah Sarak Mrs. Sertkaya Episode 6 Episode 11 Mother of Irmak
Baydar Oezcan Mr. Kana Episode 9 Episode 9 Customer of the Sertkaya family shop
Sara Eberhart Katja Episode 11 Episode 17 pupil
Walter Küng Mr. Wild Episode 11 Episode 20 School Care President
Arlette elections Mrs. Vonlanthen Episode 16 active Wife of Frank Vonlanthen; Mother of Flip and Tobias
Oliver Gerster Jim Episode 16 Episode 16 Riding instructor
Nina Halpern Anna Episode 21 Episode 29 Friends of Beni
Max Sartore Caesar Episode 21 Episode 28 Clothes dealer
Nils Habermacher Nick Episode 27 Episode 28 Caesar's helpers
Mischa Rugolo Goran Episode 27 Episode 28 Caesar's helpers
Joël von Mutzenbecher Steve Episode 21 Episode 50 student
Ramona Fattini Carolin Episode 26 Episode 36 pupil
Claudia Lenzi Mrs. Huber Episode 31 Episode 38 Math teacher; temporarily leaves Spahlenbühl to teach at a partner school in Nicaragua
Omar Brem Alexander Episode 31 Episode 40 former football goalkeeper for the Swiss U-17 national team; now paraplegic
Marcel Schälchli Silvan Episode 44 Episode 50 Friend of Jochen Dammann (gay)

2nd season

actor Role name Started Exit Remarks
Matthias Schoch Kevin Episode 51 Episode 59 student
Janine Wille Aurelia Vanini Episode 51 Episode 60 Vicar
Kenneth Huber Ed Berger Episode 51 Episode 60 Newspaper editor
Maria Thorgevsky Adelina Ibrahimi Episode 51 Episode 60 Mother of Marko
Clara Seebach Chiara Episode 53 Episode 60 imaginary sister of Fiona
Wanda Wylowa Mrs. Picaroon Episode 53 Episode 72 Mother of Fiona
Daniel Frei Mr. Picaroon Episode 53 Episode 72 Father of Fiona
Jessy Oswald Leyla Episode 61 active Pupil; Ex-girlfriend of Tobias
Luzian Hirzel Jonathan Episode 69 Episode 70 student
Lisa Maria Bärenbold Annabelle Episode 71 Episode 80 pupil
Andrina Rohrbach Andrina Episode 71 Episode 79 Pupil; plays itself
Christian Liniger Jean-Pierre Episode 75 Episode 80 Geocacher
Sascha Pederiva Pedagogues Episode 76 active Friend of Beni
David Imhoof Mr. Meier-Sonderegger Episode 76 active Father of Jula
Robin Nidecker Paul Episode 81 active student
Diana Gatani Angela Balšić Episode 81 active pupil
Norbert Gubser Mr. Zimmermann Episode 81 active Retirement home residents; Husband of wife carpenter
Vreni Brun Mrs. Zimmermann Episode 81 active Retirement home resident; Mrs. of Mr. Zimmermann
Yannick Bachmann Elias Episode 84 active student
Fadil Hoxha Mr. Balšić Episode 88 active Father of Angela
Fatime Hoxha Mrs. Balšić Episode 88 active Mother of Angela


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