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A designation is the representation of a concept by linguistic or other means. If this representation is made using words, it is a matter of naming . A symbol can be used for a non-linguistic designation .

A designation ( Old High German : bizeihhanunga sign, symbol) is a code of characters or symbols in semiotics that refers to an object or fact (or the term thereof).

Designations are all forms of names ( proper names and designations), markings , signs , distinctions , markings , titles , etc. The word designation itself (like designation and most of the other terms listed above) stands for the respective character as such (i.e. the Name or mark ) as well as for the process of marking ( naming or marking an object).

Designations and their use can also be administratively defined or regulated by official regulations for certain fields of application (such as national emblems and coats of arms , traffic signs , brands , designations of origin , specified product names such as “ jam ” or “ champagne ”, company names , names of authorities or institutions, etc. ).


A designation is the name of an object by a word or phrase. In linguistics and terminology theory, naming is the linguistic form with which concepts are brought into consciousness. In this respect, a name is the verbalization of an idea. The broader generic term designation , on the other hand, includes not only the designation but also non-lingual such as numbers, notations and symbols. In the case of a technical term, one also speaks of a technical expression or term. Terms occur as one-word and as multi-word terms , also called multi-word terms .



Products are divided or classified according to "types" for better differentiation . It denotes, for example, a group of goods that all have a certain type of characteristic or that are manufactured for the same purpose . Colloquially, we are talking about a type in this context .

Electrical devices are z. B. as white goods or brown goods referred .

In English, the word Mark, abbreviated Mk ., Is used to designate car versions, aircraft types or cameras, etc. Provided with an additional number, this indicates the state of development; E.g. Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II , Jaguar Mark 2 , Mark-48-Torpedo or Mark IV (tank) .


In seafaring , the designation is understood to be the equipping of shipping lanes with fixed and floating nautical marks. The marking of the fairways and open waters with sea marks according to the lateral and cardinal system .

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