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In verse doctrine, an internal rhyme is a form of rhyme in which the rhyming words are wholly or partially inside . In internal rhyme in the narrower sense, the rhyming words are inside the same verse:

The world reconciles and drowns out the spirit
- Theodor Däubler : Northern Lights

Depending on the position of the rhyming words, a distinction is made between several forms of inner rhyme:

Inside rhyme or rhyme : rhyming words at the end of the line and in the interior of the same verse:

A strong , black boat
sails mournfully along.
The mute and masked
corpsekeepers sit inside.
- Heinrich Heine : Childe Harold

Middle rhyme: rhyming words inside successive verses:

And teaches the girls
and defends the boys
- Friedrich Schiller : The song of the bell

A special form of the middle rhyme is the caesura rhyme , in which the rhyming words mark the caesura of two verses:

We are in the old tales miracle vil geseit
of heroes lobebæren from Grozer arebeit
- Nibelungenlied

Middle rhyme : a word at the end rhymes with a word inside the following or preceding verse:

Be farewell first, as if it were behind
you, like the winter that is about to go.
- Rainer Maria Rilke : The sonnets to Orpheus

Middle rhyme and middle rhyme should be distinguished, but are often confused.

Rhyme : Rhyming words immediately follow one another:

As if there were a thousand bars
- Rainer Maria Rilke : The panther

The rhyme is found more often in the later Minnesang , for example in Walther von der Vogelweide and Konrad von Würzburg . Further examples in the baroque and up to the present in humorous poetry.

A special form of the rhyme is the echo rhyme , in which the repetition of the rhyme syllables simulates an echo:

Oh, what is still open to me ? Hope !

A blow rhyme wherein the rhyme words are separated by a ship, that the last word of a verse rhyme with the first of the following verse, is as passing over or on striking rhyme referred to:

Person you wilt volgen my ler
ker you from arrant did ,
advice I give you here with trew
rew got about your fault
huld makes you get there wol.
- J. Schiller: Marienpreis


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