Biographical lexicon on the history of German social policy from 1871 to 1945

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The Biographical Lexicon on the History of German Social Policy 1871 to 1945 is a two-volume encyclopedia with biographies of personalities in the field of social policy from the period from the proclamation of the German Empire in 1871 to the end of National Socialism and the Second World War in 1945. Editor Eckhard Hansen and Florian Tennstedt with the help of Karin Christl and others were responsible for the first volume with the subtitle "Social politicians in the German Empire: 1871 to 1918" , published in 2010 by the publishing house of kassel verlag university press GmbH based in Kassel .

First volume

The first volume was created in connection with an approved two-year research project by the German Research Foundation (DFG) from April 2007 to March 2009 and in a further work until November 2010 under ISBN 978-3-86219-038-6 . In addition, the University of Kassel published the work with the ISBN 978-3-86219-039-3 on its website with full-text research as a PDF document . There you will find, among other things, overviews of social laws and politicians involved from the period from 1871 to 1916 as well as "[...] historical explanations of the overview".

Second volume

The second volume was published in 2018. Edited by Eckhard Hansen, Christina Kühnemund, Christine Schoenmakers, Florian Tennstedt. This means that there are over 500 CVs of selected experts in social policy up to 1945.

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