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Bis (s) zum Abendrot (English original title: Eclipse ) is a 2007 novel by the American author Stephenie Meyer and the continuation of the books Bis (s) zum Dawn und Bis (s) zum Noon . The novel was published in Germany on February 14, 2008. In 2010 it was filmed under the title Eclipse - Biss zum Abendrot .


The love story between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen continues in Bis (s) zum Abendrot . There are further conflicts between the Edwards family, the vampires , with the warring werewolf family Jacobs. Bella's friendship with both families leads to another argument. After Jacob, who has fallen in love with Bella, kisses her against her will, this friendship breaks up temporarily.

At the same time Bella gets into an argument with Edward about her transformation into a vampire. While she wants to be transformed as soon as possible, Edward feels that she should graduate from college first. Eventually they agree to complete the transformation after their wedding. Also, Edward doesn't want to sleep with her until they are married. But the thought of a wedding makes Bella uncomfortable.

There are now a number of mysterious events, including a series of murders in Seattle and a break-in at Bella's house, which only stole her pillow and some of her clothes. It turns out that all of this is related. Victoria, a female vampire who wants to take revenge on Edward and kill Bella, shows up with an army of newborn vampires (one of which Jasper had previously fought in) to kill Bella.

To fight the outnumbered opponents, the Cullens are looking for allies. When no other vampire family is found who want to take up the fight, they team up with the werewolves around Jacob. In order to both protect Bella and completely destroy the enemy vampires, a plan is drawn up that provides for Bella to camp in a remote location during the time of the fight. There she stays with Edward if she wishes. When Jacob comes to the campsite and into the tent before the fight, there is another conflict between Edward and Jacob, as Jacob tries again to convince Bella that he is the better choice. However, Edward and Jacob do understand each other. This is expressed, for example, in a following conversation between the two, in which it is about their respective relationship with Bella. Before Jacob sets out to fight, he overhears a conversation between Bella and Edward and learns that the two are about to get married. He's hurt because he feels a lot for Bella himself. Jacob threatens Bella with getting killed in the upcoming fight. When asked how she can stop him, he demands that she kiss him. In order not to lose him, she does it.

Bella, Edward and the werewolf Seth are now the only ones left at the campsite. Although the plan was to prevent Bella from being endangered, Victoria and another vampire, Riley, show up trying to kill Bella. They start fighting Edward and Seth. Victoria and her companion are defeated and destroyed.

Bella's initial fears that someone might die because of her have not come true. Jacob is seriously injured, however. She visits him at home and they talk about how their relationship should look in the future. Jacob with a heavy heart accepts Bella's decision to stay with Edward. They say goodbye, it's the last meeting for the time being.

At the end of the book, Bella and Edward's wedding is planned. Against Bella's will not to invite Jacob, Edward sends him a letter inviting him to the party and apologizing. As a result, Jacob turns into a werewolf and tries to suppress Bella and his pain.


Until (s) the end of the night (original title: Breaking Dawn) was published on February 14, 2009 by Carlsen Verlag.


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