Leaf sheath

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Leaf sheath u. a. Share the kinky foxtail grass

The leaf sheath is the bulbous or tubular base of the leaf that encompasses the stem axis in many monocotyledons , such as grasses . Leaf sheaths can also be formed in the dicots , for example in the umbelliferae .

Most of the time the vagina is split, i.e. i.e., the edges are free and superimposed. On the other hand, the leaves of the half-grass have closed sheaths or those with no free edges. In many leaves the scabbard is only hinted at or is missing entirely. Sometimes there is a ligule at the transition point between the vagina and the upper side of the blade .

Nesting leaf sheaths on some perennials form a pseudo stem , u. a. with bananas .

There may also be auricles on leaf sheaths.


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