Bloody Highway

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German title Bloody Highway
Original title Hell's Highway
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2002
length 70 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Jeff Leroy
script Jeff Leroy
production Darrin Ramage ,
David S. Sterling
music Jay Woelfel
camera Jeff Leroy
cut Jeff Leroy

Bloody Highway is an American Independent - horror - thriller from the year 2002 by Jeff Leroy .


A killer disguised as a priest drives through the desert and takes a young, attractive hitchhiker named Lucinda with him. He offers her water, which he poisoned, and then kills her, only to bury her next to the highway. As soon as it happened, she reappears and takes revenge on her tormentor with a shovel.

Shortly afterwards, four young people named Chris, Eric, Sarah and Monique - who are currently on their way to California - meet Lucinda. Despite Monique's warning, they take the strange hitchhiker with them. In the course of the journey, however, it turns out that the passenger is a dangerous psychopath who has already committed several gruesome murders. This now begins to threaten the four friends. Lucinda brags about the fact that she murdered Chris' brother - who is also driving a car in the desert to win the "race" against Chris to California - and murdered his car occupants.

They manage to get rid of the creepy woman and kill her in the further course, but she appears again in an inexplicable way and now tries to murder the young people in turn. Sarah develops a kind of telepathic contact with Lucinda and can thus follow one of her murders. She is also plagued by nightmares at night.

The next day they find a video camera and with it the evidence of the death of Chris' brother on tape. Shortly afterwards, Lucinda, whom they tracked down again, transports Chris, Eric and Monique to the afterlife in various cruel ways. The escaping Sarah is rescued by soldiers from a nearby military base - Lucinda and one of her doubles can be eliminated by the soldiers. Sarah now learns the truth about a failed clone experiment: An employee of the leading scientist Dr. Sullivan has been cloned multiple times and their clones have become self-employed. They became overconfident and began to commit murders. They found the bodies of the victims in the desert and then went in search of the clones. But now all are destroyed. In order to prevent details about these experiments from being made public, Sarah is also used as a guinea pig. At that moment, the last, surprisingly surviving, seriously injured clone of Lucinda fights its way into the base and begins a shootout that ushers in the end of the film.


The lexicon of international films called Bloody Highway a "[b] lurid amateur horror film that copies numerous role models and, at best, thinks about new ways of killing".


  • Bloody Highway was indexed in Germany.
  • The US porn actor Ron Jeremy has a brief cameo in which one of the clones ironically mutilates his penis.
  • According to producer David Sterling, the film was shot on a “micro-budget”.

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