Blumenthal (ship, 1984)

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Ship data
flag GermanyGermany Germany
other ship names

Helene Jacob

Ship type Reefer ship
Owner Shipping company Ernst Jacob
Shipyard Flender shipyard
Build number 633
Launch 19th August 1984
Whereabouts Scrapped in Alang in 2011
Ship dimensions and crew
146.1 m ( Lüa )
width 21.5 m
Draft Max. 9.45 m
measurement 9415 BRT / 5590 NRT
Machine system
machine Mitsui MAN B&W diesel engine of type 6L67GB
11,100 kW at 119 rpm
21 kn (39 km / h)
propeller 1 fixed propeller
Transport capacities
Load capacity 11,805 dwt
Connections for refrigerated containers 111
Volume 13,525 m³

The Blumenthal was a reefer ship built in 1984 by the Flender shipyard . The ship built as Helene Jacob was the only refrigerated ship under the German flag when it was delivered.


At the end of 1982, the shipping company Ernst Jacob ordered two newbuildings from the Flender shipyard under construction numbers 633 and 634, which already contained some elements from the R&D project " Ship of the Future ", which was ongoing at the time , such as B. the free-fall lifeboat. The refrigeration details in particular were developed with the decisive technical advice of Prof. G. Mau, who was involved in the refrigerated shipping sector at Union Handels- und Schiffahrtsgesellschaft , which belongs to the Bremen trading company Scipio & Co. At that time, the in-house shipping company Union only had chartered ships under contract, as it had dissolved its own fleet in 1981.

On August 19, 1984, the first cooling vessel arrived without elaborate celebration of the stack and was by an employee of the shipyard on the name Helene Jacob baptized, even though you knew it was his service as Blumenthal would take. On December 16, 1984, the ship was delivered and put into service as Blumenthal .

From 1988 to 1993 and 1984 to 1996 it was underway as Helene Jacob . In between, the ship went under the name Saxon Star . From 1996 to 2007 it operated under the name Tudor Star , now under the flag of the Bahamas , and from 2007 to 2011 as Sun Genius .

In June 2011 the ship reached Alang and was then scrapped .

Ship description

The Blumenthal had m at a length of 146.1 and width of 21.5 m, a measurement of 9415 BRT and a carrying capacity of 11,805 dwt. On deck 111 could TEU refrigerated containers are stowed and connected to the corresponding E-outlets.

The ship was equipped with five cranes arranged amidships . One of the cranes was located between the four hatches. Another crane was located in front of hatch 1 and behind hatch 4 directly in front of the deckhouse .

The propulsion system consisted of a slow-running six-cylinder - two-stroke - diesel engine with 11,100 kW of power, of the vessel a speed of 21  kn awarded. A shaft generator with 1300 kW and three auxiliary diesel generator sets with 810 kW each were used for the power supply.

The volume of the four refrigerated holds, each with four decks, was 13,525 m³. Two decks were combined into one cooling zone, resulting in a total of 16 decks with eight cooling zones. The Blumenthal was mainly used for banana journeys and the individual decks could be accessed with forklifts .

The cargo cooling system consisted of a direct refrigeration system and had three screw compressors from Stal that worked with the refrigerant R-22 . The refrigerant was sucked in in gaseous form from the evaporator, compressed and liquefied in the water-cooled condenser. The refrigerant then flowed to the cooling zones, was reduced in pressure in the temperature-controlled expansion valve and received the heat required for evaporation from the air in the evaporator. This cooled the air coming out of the hold. This cold air was then distributed on the pressure side under the gratings in the hold and flowed vertically through the carton load from below. The air heated by the cargo was sucked in by the cargo space fans above the cardboard boxes and pushed through the evaporator on the air side, closing the air circuit.


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