Bodo Borchers

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Bodo Borchers (born January 12, 1835 in Woltwienke ; † June 6, 1898 in Leipzig ) was a German opera singer ( tenor ), theater actor and director and singing teacher .


Before he devoted himself to the stage, he had worked in a banking business in Bremen for several years. There he decided to give up the commercial profession completely, and after taking appropriate lessons from outstanding singing masters in Dresden, he began his work as a young tenor on February 11, 1858 at the court theater in Dresden. After three years of work he came to the Stadttheater Hamburg as a lyric tenor, where he worked until 1863, after which he joined the Wiesbaden Court Theater Association (1863–1872) after a successful guest performance. From there he went to Weimar, where he remained until his pension entitlement in 1880. After that, however, he was still active on stage at the city theaters in Augsburg and Düsseldorf and in 1882 and 1883 as chief director, singer and actor at the Leipzig city theater. After leaving, he stayed in Leipzig as a singing teacher and theater agent. In Dresden he was a member ofMasonic Lodge to the golden apple .

As a meritorious co-founder of the Cooperative of German Stage Members, Borchers is entitled to lasting, grateful memories.

He was married to Marie Litaschek , from this marriage the actress and singer Hanna Borchers comes .


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