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Bonito TV production company

legal form GmbH
founding 1997
resolution 2015
Seat Cologne
management Sigrid Korbmacher

Bonito TV-Produktionsgesellschaft mbH was a TV production company founded in 1997 in Cologne by entertainer Harald Schmidt , which was liquidated in 2015.

The company was based in Studio 449 in Cologne-Mülheim and, after 2010, operated another studio in Stuttgart. From 1998 Bonito produced the late-night format Die Harald Schmidt Show on behalf of Sat.1 . From 2003 to the end of 2005 the show Was peeping? by comedian Kaya Yanar and in 2007 the advice show Pssst… produced. Furthermore, Bonito designed and shot commercials, in the past u. a. for Deutsche Bahn , Nestlé , Expo 2000 or the EU expansion to the east .

After the Harald Schmidt Show was discontinued at the end of 2003, there were extensive job cuts. Before that, Bonito had around 90 employees. In March 2001, Harald Schmidt spoke of 80 employees and sales of around DM 30 million.

The ARD broadcasts Harald Schmidt (2004–2007 and 2009–2011) and Schmidt & Pocher (2007–2009) were not produced by Bonito itself, but by Kogel & Schmidt GmbH in collaboration with Bonito for the lead broadcaster WDR .

A competition law dispute broke out in 2005 with Bonito co-partner Thomas Schmidt. He demanded 459,000 euros in damages from Harald Schmidt for breach of the partnership agreement, payable to Bonito. According to Thomas Schmidt's argument, the contract prohibited the moderator from producing television programs with companies other than Bonito. The trial, the outcome of which is not known, was related to the show What are you looking at ?! "Harald Schmidt GmbH", founded in 2002, was also involved in the production of Bonito.

In November 2002 Harald Schmidt held 60%, Thomas Schmidt 20% and Harald Schmidt's manager Sigrid Korbmacher 20% of the shares in Bonito.

The new edition of the Harald Schmidt Show , which was shown again on Sat.1 from 2011 to 2012 and on Sky from September 2012 to 2014 , was again produced by Kogel & Schmidt in collaboration with Bonito.

The company was dissolved in 2015 and the studio on Schanzenstrasse was sold.

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