Braunschweig (F 225)

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Braunschweig (F225)
Cologne class
West German frigate Braunschweig (F225) underway at sea in 1972.jpg
Type Escort boat, later frigate

HC Stülcken son

Keel laying June 16, 1960
Launch 3rd February 1962
Namesake City of Braunschweig
Commissioning June 16, 1964
Decommissioning April 4, 1989
home port Wilhelmshaven
Whereabouts Sale to Turkish Navy
Technical specifications
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Callsign / identifier

DBSJ, later DRAP / F 225


2nd escort squadron , later 2nd frigate squadron

Coat of arms Braunschweig.svg

The Braunschweig was a frigate of the German Navy and a sixth unit of the F120 class , also Cologne class. She was the second ship to be named Braunschweig in a German Navy. The predecessor of its name was the ship of the line of the Imperial Navy Braunschweig .


The last of six ships of their class to enter service in 1964. The ships of the Cologne class were initially referred to as escort boats , but this did not do justice to their size and armament, which is why they were reclassified as frigates after a short time.

She belonged to the 2nd escort squadron and was initially stationed in Cuxhaven , from 1968 in Wilhelmshaven . The frigates of the Cologne class were characterized by their advanced propulsion with a combined diesel and gas turbine system, which combined a large driving range with a relatively high top speed. Although originally designed for the Baltic Sea, they were mainly used for escort protection in the North Atlantic and were often used in NATO formations .

The Braunschweig was decommissioned in 1989 and handed over to the Turkish Navy as a spare part supplier for two sister ships used there (ex Emden and ex Karlsruhe ) . After her sister ship Emden fell victim to a fire as the Turkish Gemlik , the former Braunschweig was put into service for the Turkish Navy under the name Gemlik in 1992 and continued to do active service for a few years.