Karlsruhe (F 223)

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FRG Naval Ensign
The frigate Karlsruhe in front of the Norwegian king's yacht Norge, 1973
Ship class: Class F 120
Call sign / identifier: DRAN / F 223
Type ship: Cologne class (F120)
Development / construction yard: HC Stülcken son
Keel laying: December 15, 1958
Launch: October 24, 1959
Commissioning: December 15, 1962
Association membership 2nd frigate squadron, Wilhelmshaven
Decommissioning: March 28, 1983
Whereabouts: Sale to Turkey . There as the destroyer Gelibolu until June 27, 1994.
For technical data, see: F120

The Karlsruhe was the second Cologne- class escort boat built in Germany after the Second World War (project name: Escort boat 55 ). For the fourth new construction of a Karlsruhe , named after the former capital of Baden, the Stülcken shipyard in Hamburg stretched the keel on December 15, 1958. On October 24, 1959, the ship was launched. The mayor of Karlsruhe , Günther Klotz , held the baptismal address . His wife, Frau Hanna Klotz, performed the baptism.


In June 1962 the test drives began under the shipyard flag and ended with the acceptance test at the end of November.

On December 15, 1962, the Karlsruhe (IV) was put into service in the shipyard and assigned to the 2nd escort squadron in Cuxhaven. On March 21, 1968, the Karlsruhe retired from the 2nd escort squadron. Together with the Emden , she was subordinated to the fleet service squadron, home port Flensburg. On September 25, 1973, the Karlsruhe frigate left the fleet service squadron and was reassigned to the 2nd escort squadron, which had since been moved from Cuxhaven to Wilhelmshaven.

The Karlsruhe was sold to Turkey after active service in the German Navy and since March 28, 1983 sailed there under the Turkish flag as the destroyer Gazi Osman Pasa (Pacha) with the identification D 360. In 1984 it was renamed Gelibolu , but kept the Identification D 360. The last decommissioning took place there on June 27, 1994.

From its commissioning until the end of March 1983, the ship covered a distance of approx. 300,000 nautical miles in its numerous missions, which corresponds to about 14 times orbit the earth.

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