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A postage stamp store is a shop where a philatelist can purchase postage stamps and post-historical receipts. Individuals who are active in this area are called stamp dealers .

The world's first stamp store opened in New York City in 1860. At that time, the world's first postage stamp , the One Penny Black , was 20 years old. In this stamp shop, the collector's items were impaled with pins so that they could be better presented to interested buyers.

In Germany , the first stamp dealership was founded only a short time later in Leipzig in 1862 . This stamp shop called Zschiesche & Köder also sold the first German stamp catalogs and the first stamp albums in Germany. In 1863 Oscar Jann opened the second German postage stamp shop in Breslau .

The oldest stamp shop still in existence is Stanley Gibbons . This has existed in London since 1874 and was founded by Edward Stanley Gibbons .

Well-known stamp dealers