British Ornithologists' Union

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The British Ornithologists' Union (BOU) was founded on December 9, 1858 by 20 scientists, including Alfred Newton , Henry Maurice Drummond-Hay and Henry Baker Tristram . It is the second oldest ornithological organization after the German Ornithological Society (founded in 1850). It supports scientists and bird watchers around the world in their bird studies and thus contributes to the research of birds and their conservation. The BOU has been publishing the Ibis journal since 1859 . This journal appears quarterly and is one of the leading bird journals. Many species of birds were first described and illustrated here, including by John Gerrard Keulemans . Since 2002, Ibis has been available online through Blackwell Publishing . Another publication of the BOU is the List of Birds of Great Britain (formerly List of British Birds ). It has been published since 1883 and lists all bird species found in Great Britain.

The tasks of the BOU include the organization of regular meetings, seminars and conferences where bird watchers and other ornithologists can find out about global activities. The BOU is headquartered on the grounds of the Natural History Museum at Tring in Hertfordshire .

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