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Bulldog is a generic term for small to medium-sized Molossians with mostly stocky, strong stature.

The great father is the old British breed (English) Bulldog , which in Germany is known as the English Bulldog . Therefore, the name is because this breed was originally bred to them in the bull biting on bulls rushing.

The entire exterior of the bulldogs (English bulldogs ) was designed to grab bulls by the nose and pull them to the ground. The ideal bull biter was stocky, medium-sized, steadfast, had a stocky body with a broad chest and enormous strength in the neck and jaw area. Further characteristic features were a large head with a heavily folded fore-face and rose ears . The short nose and the protruding lower jaw ( undershot ) allowed firm and long gripping without suffocating.

In the 19th century the French bulldog ('Bully') was added. Since 1970 there have been numerous activities around the world to breed other Bulldog variants or breeds.


Bulldog breeds recognized by the FCI

The following breeds are recognized by the FCI :

Other breeds of bulldogs

The following breeds are not recognized by the FCI:

There are other fashionable cultivars.

Torture breeding

According to the Humane Society of the United States , the bulldog is an example of extreme genetic manipulation. The result is that the bulldog is more exposed to eye and ear problems, skin inflammation, breathing difficulties, immunological and neurological problems and disabilities in the musculoskeletal system than any other breed. Their average lifespan is six years. Other dogs of this size easily live to be 10 to 15 years old. The deformation of the upper jaw that is pronounced in most bulldog breeds is known as brachycephaly .


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