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The Bulletin from Nothing was a short-lived literary magazine (in English also called Little Mag ), which was published in 1965 by Mary Beach and Claude Pélieu in San Francisco in two editions.


The name alluded to Dada, to the Cologne exhibition catalog Bulletin D (1919) by Johannes Theodor Baargeld and Max Ernst , perhaps also to the sixth issue of the Paris Dada (February 1920) by Tristan Tzara , which was also known as Bulletin Dada . The roulette on the cover of the first issue of Bulletin from Nothing , designed by Chano Pozo , could be a reference to Marcel Duchamp's Monte Carlo Bond from 1924. This lithograph was reproduced by Xxe Siècle in Christmas number 1938 . The title of the second issue of the Bulletin from Nothing shows Pop Art - like a manic Burt Lancaster who attacks the viewer with a large knife in his hand.

The Bulletin from Nothing published William S. Burroughs and other authors and artists ( collages ) of underground literature of the post- beat generation era. The large format bulletin was printed and professionally bound by Charles Plymell on a commercial printing press, Bulletin was not a mimeo job.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti distributed the bulletin as well as many other underground literary magazines in his City Lights bookstore. Claude Pélieu and Mary Beach worked closely as publishers with Ferlinghetti's City Lights Press .


  • Edition 1 : Texts by Claude Pélieu, Mary Beach, Claude Pélieu, Jeff Nuttall , Antonin Artaud , WS Burroughs: Composite Text , Charles Plymell, Roxie Powell, Benjamin Peret , Ed Sanders , Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Bob Kaufman , David Omar Bearden, Leland S. Meyerzove; Art by: Claude Pelieu (text with illustrations), Charles Plymell (text with collages), Mary Beach (abstract expression table calligraphy), Norman Ogue Mustill (3 collages in booklet, two with visual poems), Chano Pozo (collages on the front and back of the booklet).
  • Issue 2 : Texts: William S. Burroughs: Palm Sunday Tape , Roxie Powell and Claude Pélieu, Claude Pélieu, Jeff Nuttall, art: Claude Pélieu (collage), Chano Pozo (collage), Jean-Jacques Lebel (drawing), texts: Bob Kaufman, Charles Plymell, art: Norman O. Mustill (2 collages), Claude Pélieu (collage), Ed Sanders and Peter Orlovsky (text, collage), Claude Pélieu (2 collages), Charles Plymell, Mary Beach (2 calligraphies) .

The magazine as a facsimile

  • RealityStudio (blog) Jed Birmingham: Bulletin from Nothing , 26. August 2009. Extensive essay, facsimiles of both editions and the later Bulletin from Nothing Flyer .

German translations

  • Some of the texts can be found in German in “März-Texte 1”, 1969; again in: March texts 1 & trivial myths. Edited by Jörg Schröder and Barbara Kalender. Area, Erftstadt 2004

Individual evidence

  1. Reproducing the collages was beyond the capability of mimeo. In fact, Plymell never printed on a mimeograph although he was a key publisher in the rather nebulous and ill-defined Mimeo Revolution (Jed Birmingham). Plymell printed the bulletin at Ralph Ackerman's company on Mission Street in San Francisco. Jed Birmingham: Bulletin from Nothing , RealityStudio (blog)
  2. z. B. Mary Beach, trans. Carl Weissner : Die Elektro Banane, pp. 32-43; Charles Plymell; Burroughs