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Ed Sanders

Ed Sanders (born August 17, 1939 in Kansas City , Missouri ) is an American beatnik poet, singer, activist, author and editor. He was also a co-founder of the rock band The Fugs .

Sanders himself spread the rumor that his father wanted to kill him with a hammer as a baby. Allegedly, Sanders wanted to take revenge on the "murderous society" through his actions.

Live and act

In 1958, Sanders dropped out of college in Missouri and hitchhiked to New York , where he immersed himself in the Greenwich Village underground scene . He was sometimes referred to as the bridge between the beat and hippie generation.

He wrote his first major poem Poem from Jail in 1961 in prison, where he was incarcerated for a protest against nuclear power. In 1962 he founded the avant-garde magazine Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts . He opened the Peace Eye Bookstore on the Lower East Side , which became a gathering place for underground artists and radicals. His contacts to the independent film scene brought him in touch with Jonas Mekas and Andy Warhol , who let him appear in his experimental film Kiss in August 1963 . In 1964, Sanders graduated from New York University . At the end of 1964 he founded the rock band The Fugs with Tuli Kupferberg , which broke up in 1969, but appeared again from 1984. A unique film document from the early days of the group is the film The Fugs And The Holy Modal Rounders , which Andy Warhol shot in his studio The Factory in July 1965 . In 1971, Sanders published a "beat" -style report on Charles Manson's desert commune and the murders of Sharon Tate and many others.

Today Sanders lives in Woodstock, New York with his wife, the author and painter Miriam R. Sanders . Sanders is the editor of the Woodstock Journal . He is also the inventor of new musical instruments such as the “Talking Tie”, the microtonal “Mikrolyra” and the “Lisa Lyra” (with light-controlled switches and a reproduction of the Mona Lisa ).

Bibliography (selection)

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Solo discography (selection)

  • 1968: Sanders' truck stop
  • 1972: Beer Cans on the Moon
  • 1991: Yiddish-speaking Socialist of the Lower East Side
  • 1992: Songs in Ancient Greek
  • 1996: American Bard
  • 2005: Thirsting for Peace
  • 2007: Poems for New Orleans

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