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The Federal Gazette , July 7, 1883.

The Federal Gazette ( BBl ) is the publication organ of the Swiss government ( Bundesrat ), the federal administration and the Federal Assembly (parliament). Its legal basis is in Article 13 of the Federal Act on Collections of Federal Law and the Federal Gazette (Publications Act) of June 18, 2004.

The Federal Gazette is structured chronologically ; References can be clearly found and cited using the corresponding year and page numbers.

The following are published in the Federal Gazette:

  • the messages and drafts of the Federal Council on constitutional amendments, popular initiatives, federal laws and federal resolutions ;
  • the constitutional amendments adopted by the Federal Assembly, the federal laws and generally binding federal decrees subject to an optional referendum , the federal decrees on the approval of international treaties and the simple federal decrees;
  • Reports from the Federal Council to the Federal Assembly;
  • Reports from commissions of the Federal Assembly;
  • the texts that are to be included on the basis of federal legislation.

In addition, instructions, guidelines, orders and notifications from the Federal Council, the administration or bodies that have to fulfill federal tasks can be published.

The Federal Gazette appears every week in the three official languages . It is published by the Federal Chancellery 's Competence Center for Official Publications (KAV) . While the German and French versions had been published since 1849, the Italian version did not follow until 1918. In a supplement to the Federal Gazette, federal edicts of particular importance are also published in Romansh . The Federal Council determines these decrees after consultation with the government of the Canton of Graubünden .

All editions of the Federal Gazette are available on the Internet. The volumes from 1849 to 1999 were scanned and OCR-recorded on behalf of the Swiss Federal Archives.

The Federal Council messages published in the Federal Gazette can also be found via the parliamentary database Curia Vista .

See also: Official Collection of Federal Law , Systematic Collection of Federal Law .

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Individual evidence

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  2. For example, BBl 2004 3269 (PDF file; 140 kB) stands for the publication of the message dated May 26, 2004 on the federal resolution on the peacebuilding deployment of Swiss army personnel in the multinational European Union Force (EUFOR) in Bosnia-Herzegovina .
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