Federal Chancellery

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Federal Chancellery BK
"Corporate Design Federation" - logo of the federal authorities of the Swiss Confederation
Headquarters Bern , Federal Palace West
Chief Walter Thurnherr ( CVP ), Federal Chancellor
Deputy Viktor Rossi and André Simonazzi (Vice Chancellors)
Employees 250
At sight Chancellor
Subordinate offices
Website www.bk.admin.ch

The Swiss Federal Chancellery BK ( French Chancellerie fédérale CF , Italian Cancelleria federale CF , Rhaeto-Romanic Chanzlia federala CF ) in Bern is the administrative office of the Federal Council , the Swiss state government ( executive ). You stand the Chancellor of the Swiss Confederation in front. Walter Thurnherr ( CVP ) has held this office since January 1, 2016 . The two Vice Chancellors , André Simonazzi , who also holds the office of Federal Council Spokesman, and Viktor Rossi , who heads the Federal Council department of the Federal Chancellery, support the Federal Chancellor in his work.


The Federal Chancellery is the staff unit of the Federal Council. It prepares the meetings of the government and provides information about their decisions. It checks popular initiatives and referendums for their legality and ensures that national elections and votes are carried out correctly. It publishes official texts in several languages.

Like the members of the Federal Council, the Federal Chancellor is elected by Parliament for four years . As Chief of Staff of the Federal Council, he ensures that the state government functions properly. Together with the two Vice Chancellors , he takes part in the meetings of the Federal Council. The Federal Chancellor can submit motions on all business of the Federal Council, but has no voting rights.


  • Federal Chancellor Division (headed by Walter Thurnherr , Federal Chancellor )
    • Political Rights Section: the Political Rights Section is responsible for enforcing popular rights, preparing for federal ballot boxes and coordinating the introduction of electronic voting by the cantons.
  • Federal Council area (headed by Viktor Rossi , Vice Chancellor)
    • Federal Council affairs section: the Federal Council affairs section oversees the 2,500 or so business that the departments and the FC submit annually to the Federal Council for approval. It also administers the approximately 1,300 parliamentary proposals every year and organizes their response.
    • Legal Section: the tasks of the Legal Section can be divided into three areas: 1. Legislative support and supervision of Federal Council business; 2. Legal areas covered: administrative organization law , consultation law and publication law ; 3. Further tasks: directives from the Federal Council, the publication of the VPB, the management of the group of data protection advisors for the federal administration, etc.
    • Competence Center for Official Publications: the Competence Center for Official Publications (KAV) supports and advises the federal offices in the processing of transactions that have to be published in the Federal Gazette or in the Official Collection .
    • Central language services, German section: the German section of the central language services ensures that federal decrees at all levels are precise, clear, free of contradictions and formulated as simply as possible.
    • Central language services, French section: the French section of the central language services does legal editing, translations and text revision. She works for Parliament, the Federal Council, the departments and the Federal Chancellery.
    • Central Language Services, Italian Department: The Italian Department is responsible for drafting the Italian version of the federal legal texts.
    • Central language services, terminology section: the terminology section of the central language services of the Federal Chancellery provides the latest terminology relevant to the entire federal administration in the four national languages ​​as well as English.
  • Communication and Strategy (headed by André Simonazzi , Vice Chancellor)
    • Communication section: the communication section of the Federal Chancellery coordinates the Federal Council's communication with the media, the public, the cantons and parliament.
    • Communication support section: the section is the federal communication agency. She advises and supports the federal administration in all areas of communication. The section is responsible for the handling and further development of the CD Bund.
    • Strategic Management Support Section: the Strategic Management Support Section (STF) is responsible for preparing the Federal Council's planning and accountability reports and provides crisis management training in the federal administration.
    • Presidential Service: The Presidential Service, which is part of the Federal Chancellery, supports the Federal President's department with additional tasks that arise during a year as President. The Presidential Service advises the Federal President's department in particular on questions of diplomacy and communication.
  • Internal Services (headed by Jörg de Bernardi, Head of Internal Services)
    • Integral Security: The Integral Security division is responsible for building, personal and information security as well as risk management including Business Continuity Management (BCM).
    • IT Service Center: the IT Service Center supports the Federal Chancellery in fulfilling its tasks through IT and telecommunications and offers IT knowledge.
    • Personnel and Resources Section: The Personnel and Resources Section is responsible for personnel management and training, finance and accounting, legalizations and event management at Wattenwyl Haus, Landsitz Lohn.
    • Personnel security audits department: the Personnel and Resources section is responsible for personnel management and training, finance and accounting, legalizations and event management at Wattenwyl Haus, Landsitz Lohn.
    • Business administration and logistics section: the GEVER & Log section offers the employees of the Federal Chancellery services in the area of ​​business administration ( GEVER ) such as the delivery of received letters, emails, training and further education in the GEVER application and in the area of ​​logistics and the female service for the Federal Chancellor.
  • Federal Chancellor's staff (led by Rahel Galliker)
    • The Federal Chancellor's staff supports the Federal Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor in all organizational and administrative matters.
  • Federal Data Protection and Public Relations Officer ( Adrian Lobsiger )
    • The Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner ( FDPIC ) is responsible for the federal law on data protection and for the federal law on the principle of freedom in administration.


The Federal Chancellery is the oldest permanent federal authority in Switzerland. In 1803 Jean-Marc Mousson was elected the first Federal Chancellor . The office that he had to lead was responsible for the agenda, correspondence and resolutions of the agenda . He had to move to the respective suburbs of the Swiss Confederation, which was elected annually from Freiburg , Bern, Solothurn , Basel , Zurich and Lucerne (see also: Médiationsverfassungs der Schweiz ). From 1815 only the suburbs of Zurich, Bern and Lucerne remained and the move was “only” every two years. The chancellor was assisted by a federal secretary who was not allowed to belong to the same denomination as the chancellor. With the drafting of the Federal Constitution and the establishment of the federal state in 1848, the Chancellor was appointed Federal Chancellor and the State Clerk was replaced by a Vice Chancellor . The Federal Chancellor has therefore been elected by the Federal Assembly . In 1896 a second vice chancellor was added. Until 1918, the Federal Chancellery oversaw the secretariats of the Federal Assembly . This task is carried out today by the Parliamentary Services. The workforce at the Federal Chancellery rose from 192 in 2008 to 250 in 2011.

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