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The Federal Health Office ( BGA ) was founded in 1952 as the successor organization to the Reich Health Office and was the central state research institution of the Federal Republic of Germany in the field of public health , based in Berlin . It was tasked with identifying risks to human and animal health at an early stage, evaluating them and containing them within the scope of its legal powers.

The Kohl government finally dissolved it on June 30, 1994 after nearly 600 deaths as a result of HIV-contaminated blood preparations . Its tasks were transferred to three successor institutes.

Organizational structure

The office was divided into a central department and seven, later six, scientific institutes:

Dissolution and reorganization

The dissolution of the Federal Health Office in 1994 resulted in three independent institutions that were subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Health :

The Institute for Water, Soil and Air Hygiene was incorporated into the Federal Environment Agency .

At the time of the dissolution, the Institute for Radiation Hygiene was no longer part of the Federal Health Office.

The Federal Institute for Consumer Health Protection and Veterinary Medicine was dissolved in 2002 and was largely incorporated into the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) and a smaller part into the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL). The Jena branch was transferred to the Friedrich Loeffler Institute , Federal Research Institute for Animal Health (FLI).

President of the Federal Health Office

Files on Nazi human experiments

In 1983 the Federal Archives unsuccessfully requested the BGA to hand over the files on human experiments in the Third Reich . Since the Sinti and Roma were particularly affected by these, members of the Central Council of Sinti and Roma finally occupied the Max von Pettenkofer Institute on March 18, 1987 in order to force the files to be handed over. Dieter Großklaus then had the entire NS files handed over to the Federal Archives in Koblenz. The handover took place on June 10, 1987. However, the files provided only little information about the persecution of the Sinti and Roma.

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