Federal Association for Cultural Work in Protestant Youth

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The Federal Association for Cultural Work in Protestant Youth eV (bka) is the professional association for cultural youth education in Protestant youth in Germany. It is formed by the amalgamation of more than 20 organizations in the Protestant youth who conduct youth cultural work in a wide variety of genres. The task and goal of the Federal Association is to support and represent the interests of its member organizations and their fields of work, as well as networking and professional exchange among the members. The chairmen of the Federal Association for Cultural Work in the Protestant Youth eV are currently Lars Schwenzer from Dresden , as well as the assessors Elke Kaika from Schwerte and Sebastian Kuhle Friedensau .

Main areas of activity

With its wide range of projects and training opportunities in the areas of music, games, theater, aesthetic education and media, the bka is active in almost all areas of church youth education. The association supports transnational events such as the “Bildungsforum Internationaler Spielmarkt Potsdam”, the nationwide theater and band work and the promotion of federal associations of church cultural youth education work. The bka develops cross-genre and cross-age concepts for the qualification of voluntary and full-time employees in educational and youth cultural work. The projects funded by the bka serve to network regional structures with nationally and Europe-wide relevant topics.

The association has been present and successfully active on the training market since 2008 with a newly developed model project of modular compact training co-financed by the “Stiftung Deutsche Jugendmarke” under the motto “Cultural Competence and Creative Design ©” . The model project is coupled with the implementation of offers to acquire the "Competence Certificate Culture" (KNK) from the Federal Association for Cultural Education for Children and Young People (BKJ). The bka is responsible for one of the service points for the proof of competence in culture. The bka was / is the sponsor of the youth network “CrossOver” and the initiative “Cool Monkeys - Against Bullying in Everyday Schoolchildren”, whose projects won second place in the NRW Youth Culture Prize 2006 and first prize (2010) (“Respect for you, for me for us! ") and third prize (2008) (" Offside - Mobbing among young people ") of the innovation prize 'Bestof' of the Hessian Youth Association (hjr). A project was also carried out successfully in Bavaria. "Krasse Klasse - Musical against bullying in everyday school life" was carried out in cooperation with the Protestant Youth Bad Windsheim and the State Business School Bad Windsheim and was awarded the 1st prize by the parents' association of Bavarian business schools. A collection of materials for educational practice (DVD and audio CD) resulting from the projects can be ordered for € 10.00. The work of the bka is funded by the Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth.


The bka has its origins in the years after the Second World War . In 1950 the associations, works and institutions of the “Working Group of Evangelical Youth in Germany” (AG EJD) came together and founded the “Working Group on Music for Protestant Youth Music”. In 1962 it was renamed the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Musik in der Evangelischen Jugend” (AGM). In 1971 it was decided to found a registered association. In 1991, AGM (East), founded in 1982, and AGM (West) merged. In 2000, the name of the association was changed in the course of a constitutional reform to “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Musik - Bundesverband für Christian Jugendkultur”.

In 2004, the association integrated the national profile of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Spiel (AGS), which was founded in 1947 as the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Evangelisches Laienspiel” and was registered in 1951 as the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Spiel im Evangelischen Jugend (AGS)”. Since the merger of AGS and AGM, the association bears its new name “Bundesverband Kulturarbeit in der Evangelischen Jugend eV” (bka).


The association organizes a total of 20 national and state-wide active associations, institutions and initiatives. The associations ensure in their breadth and with the help of their professional competence the diversity and quality of youth cultural work in the Federal Association for Cultural Work in Protestant Youth and can, not least, be effective nationwide through the association in the bka.

Federal associations
State youth ministers / offices for youth work
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Representation in other specialist organizations

The association is represented in the following specialist organizations for cultural youth work:

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