Evangelical youth organization in Württemberg

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Evangelical Youth Organization in Württemberg
legal form KdöR
founding 1946
Seat Stuttgart , Germany
main emphasis Protestant youth work
Action space Germany
Chair Andreas Laemmle
Managing directors Friedemann Berner
Website www.ejwue.de

The Evangelical Youth Office in Württemberg (EJW) is an umbrella organization for Protestant youth work in the area of ​​the Evangelical Church in Württemberg with its headquarters in Stuttgart . As a regional office, it works independently on behalf of the Evangelical Church, promotes Protestant youth work in parishes and church districts and represents common interests. The EJW is a member of the YMCA Association . The EJW is the largest member association of the State Youth Association of Baden-Württemberg . In projects such as oaseBW (online application and statistics survey Baden-Württemberg), the EJW is responsible for all child and youth work in Baden-Württemberg on behalf of the Ministry of Social Affairs around.

Structure and statistical data

In the local communities, it is mainly volunteers in local youth organizations and YMCA who organize youth work in the form of group work and individual offers (leisure time, seminars, etc.).

The local congregations are united in 47 district youth organizations. These support community youth work through employee training, employee support, cross-location campaigns and offers of youth travel / leisure time. In the district youth services, youth officers work under the supervision of an honorary board of directors.

At the state level, the state office represents Protestant youth work in relation to the regional church, state and society. In cooperation with places and districts, models of youth work are tested and multiplied. The regional office also organizes major events and offers supraregional leisure and training measures .

In total, around 300,000 young people in Baden-Württemberg take part in one of the more than 15,000 regular Protestant group offers every year. In addition, there are over 460,000 participants in individual offers such as leisure time, seminars or sports tournaments. Both the EJW and the Protestant Youth Baden and other Protestant youth associations are responsible for these offers. In Württemberg alone, a good 53,000 people are committed to evangelical work with children and young people (as of 2014).

Affiliated associations, houses and institutions

The following youth associations are affiliated with the EJW:

Logo of the YMCA regional association
  • YMCA State Association of Württemberg
  • Protestant youth in rural areas
  • Association of Christian Boy Scouts in Württemberg
  • Sports Association Eichenkreuz Württemberg

In addition to its headquarters in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, the regional office of the EJW has the conference center Bernhäuser-Forst (Leinfelden-Echterdingen near Stuttgart), the sports and leisure center Kapf (Egenhausen in the Black Forest), the Bergheim Unterjoch (Allgäu) and the Silserhof (Switzerland) .

The EJW also includes the Youth - Bible - Education Foundation , the EJW Friends' Association and the Christian publishing house buch + musik .

Goals and offers

The objectives of the EJW (additional declaration to Section 2, Paragraph 1 of the EJW Regulations) were discussed, supplemented and resolved as follows by the delegates' assembly on May 24, 2003 in the Bernhäuser Forest:

“We meet young people in their living environments and invite them to believe in Jesus Christ of their own . You will find a meaningful orientation for your life.
We support young people in shaping their lives based on this belief. You experience a sustainable community, gain values ​​and develop life skills.
We enable young people to take on responsibility and support them in doing so. You shape youth work, church and society on a worldwide horizon.
Therefore, together with young people, we create the necessary framework conditions and represent their interests. "

For this purpose, group offers are made for children, teenagers and young adults as well as families, e.g. B. groups of young people, sports or brass groups ( trombone choir ). All trombone choirs in the area of ​​the Evangelical Church in Württemberg with around 15,000 wind players are affiliated to the EJW. The EJW is a member association of the " Evangelical Trumpet Service in Germany eV " (EPiD). The largest German state trombone day takes place in Ulm every two years , under the direction of church music director Hans-Ulrich Nonnenmann since 2000 .

Further offers are:

  • Bands and youth choirs (for example the national TEN SING work and the musikplus work area - popular music in the EJW)
  • Action groups for the development of partnerships with developing countries (EJW-weltdienst) and for the integration of disabled people
  • Leisure time / youth travel, youth group leader courses and seminars
  • State matchday
  • Country trumpet day
  • Experimental educational spaces
  • ChurchNight, a model project of the Evangelical Church in Germany and a campaign carried out by the Evangelical Youth Office in Württemberg since 2006.
  • Voluntary service with over 100 volunteers annually in the federal voluntary service or in the voluntary social year
  • Sport, sporting offers carry the proper name Eichenkreuz.

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