Evangelical trumpet service in Germany

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Evangelical Trumpet Service in Germany
legal form registered association
founding September 24, 1994 in Bethel
founder Johannes Kuhlo
Seat Bielefeld
Office Cansteinstrasse 1, 33647 Bielefeld
precursor 31 trombone groups / associations
motto Praise God, that is our office!
main emphasis Trombone choir work
Action space Germany
Chair Gerhard Ulrich
Managing directors Rolf Bareis (Senior Chairman)
people Stephan Eichner (Vice Chairman), Martin Anefeld (Chairman Theological Committee), Ulrich Dieckmann (Chairman Music Committee), Reinhard Gramm (Chairman Public Relations Committee)
Volunteers 117,000 wind players
Members 29 member associations
Website epid.de

The Evangelical Trumpet Service in Germany (EPiD) is a registered association which, as an umbrella organization, represents 29 German trombone works and associations and thus almost all 7,000 trombone choirs with over 117,000 wind players. Its seat is at the location of the managing Westphalian trombone factory in Bielefeld .

Purpose, task

About the mission of the Evangelical Trumpet Service, founded in 1994, it says in the statutes of the association:

“The purpose of the association is to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ on through trumpet choir music. It is his task to promote the members spiritually and musically, to strengthen their cooperation, to advise them and to perform common tasks. "

The EPiD is the editor of two publications, the magazine POSAUNENCHOR and the sheet music edition GLORIA . In the quarterly magazine, reports from the work of the works as well as musical articles, devotions, reviews, short reports, etc. published. The sheet music edition, which appears annually in winter, contains new compositions and arrangements of varying degrees of difficulty, which are selected by the music committee.

In addition to coordinating the work of the association, the EPiD is also involved in organizing wind participation in the German Evangelical and Ecumenical Church Days . In the recent past, the association has been the organizer of the German Evangelical Trumpet Day, which takes place every eight years.

Member associations

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The association was founded in 1994 in the Nazareth house of the Westphalian Diakonenanstalt in Bethel, a district of Bielefeld. Pastor Johannes Kuhlo (1856–1941) worked here from 1893–1925 . He was not only the pastor of Bethel , but also a pioneer and old master of the trumpet choirs - affectionately known as the “trumpet general” by the trombone players all over Germany. He was the first and only one to hold the office of “Reichsposaunenwart” (before the Third Reich).

The EPiD is the first voluntary association of all evangelical trombone choirs in Germany. The “Association of Evangelical Trombone Choirs of Germany” (VePD), which existed from 1934 to 1945 within the Reichsmusikkammer, was only created through pressure from the political side, and the “Trombone Works in the EKD”, founded after the war, did not include all German trombone choirs: The wind instruments in the YMCA -Westbund and in southern Germany (Württemberg, Baden, Bavaria, Pfalz) were not included. After the Wall was built in 1961, the East German trombone works had to form a separate “working group”.

Before 1933 there had been no independent trombone choir association. It wasn't necessary either, because since the foundation of the trombone choirs in the 19th century, they had been part of the Protestant youth work and its organizations under the umbrella of the "Reich Association of Protestant Young Men 's Associations of Germany". This phase ended in 1933 when Hitler appointed the National Socialist pastor Ludwig Müller as "Reichsbishop", who in December 1933 converted the Protestant youth associations into the Hitler Youth .

Almost 60 years later, the German unity gave the church the long-awaited opportunity to bring together the evangelical trombone choirs of all works and associations in East and West into a single umbrella organization. Until then, the work in the structures of the churches, denominations and associations that supported it had been fragmented. In addition, there were the national demarcations prescribed by the division of Germany, which had to be overcome.

After three years of preparation, 79 delegates from 31 Trumpet Organizations and Associations met in Bethel on September 24, 1994 to establish the new umbrella organization “Evangelical Trumpet Service in Germany”. V. ”. The leading office was given the designation "Senior Obmann". In addition to the board of directors, a "Trumpet Council" was formed, in which every association is represented, as well as four committees (theology, music, finance and public relations). The previously existing "Trumpet Association in the EKD" had fulfilled its purpose as a partial umbrella organization after it was founded and could be dissolved. All works and associations that have grown historically and have different regional and ecclesiastical characteristics retained their independence under the new roof. Since then they have been coordinating their work under the common mandate: “Praise the Lord with trumpets!” (Psalm 150).

The first senior chairman of the EPiD was Pastor Holger Gehrke from Bremen, followed by Pastor Friedemann Schmidt-Eggert from Erpel from 2003 and Pastor Bernhard Silaschi from Bad Oeynhausen from 2007 to 2014. In September 2014 Pastor Rolf Bareis from Königsbronn took over the office. The chairman of the association is regional bishop i. R. Gerhard Ulrich from Schleswig-Holstein .

Trumpet Days

Trumpet Festival Schwerin (1927)

In the member associations, larger meetings of the trombone choirs take place regularly at district or district level and at certain intervals (depending on the association every two to five years) state trombone days ; At the YMCA West Association and the Association of Christian Trombone Choirs, the association-wide winds meetings are called "Federal Trombone Days", and at the Gnadauer Trombone Association "Federal Trombone Festival". Sometimes several thousand wind players come together. In terms of numbers, the Württemberg State Trombone Day is the largest; 8,000 to 9,000 musicians meet in Ulm every two years .

Since the beginning of the trumpet choir movement in Westphalia in the 19th century, its "fathers", Eduard Kuhlo and his son Johannes, have held trumpet days, from 1874 in Herford Cathedral and later in Bethel near Bielefeld. Johannes Kuhlo also became known through his homage to the emperor in Westphalia in 1899/1900, when thousands of singers and winds played together.

The "1. Reichs-Trumpentag "with around 4500 wind players took place in October 1936 in Bielefeld - on the occasion of the 80th birthday of the" Trumpet General "and former Reich Trumpet warden Johannes Kuhlo. The Second World War then prevented further such major events. It was not until 1956, when the state trombone days of the various plants and associations had long been back, that the “2nd German Evangelical Trumpet Day "with 6000 wind players in Dortmund from October 5th to 8th on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Johannes Kuhlo, who died in 1941.

In 2008, the EPiD organized the German Evangelical Trumpet Day , which took place from May 30th to June 1st under the motto "Ears View" with the participation of more than 16,000 wind players in Leipzig . The main concert venues were Augustusplatz in the city center and the Leipzig Central Stadium with a festive and atmospheric closing service on the final day. The 2nd Evangelical German Trumpet Day of all Associations (DEPT 2016) took place from June 3rd to 5th, 2016 in Dresden. A third nationwide Trumpet Day is planned for 2024 in Hamburg .

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