Schadeleben Castle

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Schadeleben Castle
Schadeleben Castle

Schadeleben Castle

Alternative name (s): Schadeleben Palace, Salzelmen Castle Courtyard
Creation time : 1310 to 1319
Castle type : Location
Conservation status: Residential building
Standing position : Clerical
Place: Schönebeck - Bad Salzelmen
Geographical location 52 ° 0 '21 .8 N , 11 ° 43' 38.8"  E Coordinates: 52 ° 0  '21.8 " N , 11 ° 43' 38.8"  E
Schadeleben Castle (Saxony-Anhalt)
Schadeleben Castle

The Schadeleben Castle , also called Schadeleben Castle or Burghof Salzelmen , is a castle rest in the street Burghof 1 in the town of Schönebeck in the Salzlandkreis in Saxony-Anhalt .


The castle became Archbishop Burchard III from 1310 to 1319 . built by Magdeburg, expanded like a castle in 1533 and 1804 . The castle was demolished in 1874 except for a three-story house. With the occupation of Schönebeck on October 22, 1806 by Marshal Ney, Schadeleben Castle, until then a forced labor institution, was converted into a hospital. All the convicts were released. During the evacuation, the inventory was carried away and much of it was destroyed (report by Wilhelm Schulz).

During the Second World War , the local history researcher Wilhelm Schulze arranged for the archives to be stored in the Schönebecker Salzschacht and, in 1950, organized the move of the city archive to the castle building of the Salzelmen castle courtyard, the former Schadeleben castle.

The courtyard was temporarily a reception home for West German emigrants and in 1961 the facility became a nursing home .

The former castle complex still shows the gatehouse with defensive wall , a castle building (bath house) and the still preserved residential building of the castle as well as a newer castle building (Mechthild house) with the rest of a surrounding wall .

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