Carlo Mazzone

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Carlo Mazzone (born March 19, 1937 in Rome ) is a former Italian football player and coach .

Career as a football player

Carlo Mazzone played at the clubs AS Roma , SPAL Ferrara and Ascoli Calcio several years as a defender in Serie A and Serie B . At Ascoli he was a player for nine years, his last season 1968/69 being his first as a coach.

Career as a football coach

The Bianconeri Ascoli Calcio (1968-1975, 1980-1985), he served twelve years in the Divisions Series A, Series B and Series C . He then worked as a coach for three years at Fiorentina (1975–1978), two years at US Catanzaro (1978–1980), four at US Lecce (1986–1990), three at Cagliari Calcio (1991–1993), three with his Favorite team AS Roma (1993-1996), one season at SSC Napoli (1997-1998), one at Pescara Calcio (1990-1991), and one at Perugia Calcio (1999-2000). In his coaching career he also looked after the FC Bologna (1998–1999, 2003–2005), and Brescia Calcio (2000–2003).

On February 7, 2006, he succeeded Roberto Donadoni at AS Livorno , who was dismissed after disputes with the president of the club, Franco Spinneli . Under Mazzone's leadership, the provincial club scored just six points in nine games and fell from a safe UEFA Cup spot to Serie A midfield.