Series B

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Series B
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Full name Lega Nazionale Professionisti Series B
Association FIGC
First edition 1929
hierarchy 2nd league
Teams 20th
master Benevento Calcio
Record champions Atalanta Bergamo
CFC Genoa (6 titles each)
Current season 2020/21
Series A (I)
Series C (III)

The Series B is the second highest division in Italian professional football . Your formal name is Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie B .

Like the top division Serie A , the championship is organized by the Lega Nazionale Professionisti (German "National Professional League" ), a sub-organization of the Italian football association Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio .

The season of the current 2020/21 season starts on September 26, 2020.


The teams that finish the season in the first two places after 38 match days move up directly to Serie A, the third to eighth placed play a third promoted player in a simple knockout tournament ( play-off ) out. A special case occurs if there are ten or more points between the third and fourth place at the end of the season. In this case, there will be no play-offs and the third placed will be promoted directly; so happened in the 2006/07 season .

Since 2007, the winner has been awarded a trophy as recognition.

The last three teams relegate directly to the three groups of Serie C ( Lega Pro Prima Divisione until 2018 , Serie C1 until 2008). The fourth and fifth last play by play down against relegation.

All Serie B teams take part in the Italian Cup, the Coppa Italia .

The day of the game is generally Saturday afternoon. Two games will take place on Friday evening. Serie B is paused for national team games. The match day will then be brought forward to Wednesday or Thursday.

The season starts at the beginning of September, usually one week before the start of the Serie A season. The end of the season is at the beginning of June. After the first half of the season, which ends in December, the second half of the season begins after a short winter break. The second half of the season traditionally begins on January 6th. Each team plays twice during the season against every other team in the league, once in the home stadium and once in the opponent's venue.

Eternal table of series B

The "eternal" table of the Italian Serie B contains all championship results since the establishment of Serie B in the game year 1929/1930. So far, 82 years of play have been played in which 141 clubs have participated.

The points classification is led by Brescia Calcio (60 participations / 3,290 points), followed by Hellas Verona (53 / 2,798), SSC Bari (46 / 2,532), FC Modena (50 / 2,502) and US Palermo (43 / 2,215).

If the rating is based on the average of the points won, Juventus Turin is ahead with 2.24 points per game, followed by AS Roma (1.97) and AC Milan (1.86).

Master and relegated

The CFC Genoa and Atalanta Bergamo have the most championship titles, with 33 and 28 participations respectively, they finished the championship in first place six times. They are followed by Brescia Calcio (61), US Palermo (44) and FC Turin (12 appearances) with four titles each . AS Bari (46) was also first four times, but once only group winners and losers in qualifying for promotion.

The AC Prato (with only 10 participations), Taranto Sport (32) and the Reggiana (35) had to make their way from Serie B to Serie C eight times each . They are followed by US Cremonese (27) and AC Monza Brianza (38) with seven relegations each .

Participating clubs in the 2020/21 season

The following 20 clubs will contest the 2020/21 season in Serie B.

Locations of the participating clubs in the 2020/21 season
society Placement 2019/20
Ascoli Picchio FC.png Ascoli Calcio 14th
Brescia Calcio.png Brescia Calcio 19th of the Serie A
AS Cittadella.svg AS Cittadella 5.
Nuova Cosenza Calcio.png Cosenza Calcio 15th
US Cremonese.svg US Cremonese 12.
Empoli FC.png FC Empoli 7th
Coats of arms of None.svg Virtus Entella 13.
Frosinone Calcio.png Frosinone Calcio 8th.
US Lecce.svg US Lecce 18th of the Serie A
AC Monza 2019 logo.svg AC Monza 1. Series C Group A
Pescara Calcio.svg Delfino Pescara 17th
Coats of arms of None.svg AC Pisa 9.
Logo of Pordenone Calcio 2018.svg.png Pordenone Calcio 4th
Ac reggiana.svg AC Reggiana 2. Series C Group B 1
Coats of arms of None.svg Reggina 1914 1. Series C Group C
US Salernitana.png US Salernitana 10.
SPAL Ferrara.svg SPAL 20. Series A
Coats of arms of None.svg Vicenza Virtus 1. Series C Group B
Coats of arms of None.svg FC Venice 11.
Chievo Verona.svg Chievo Verona 6th
1 Raised as the winner of the play-offs.


Series B audience cut
season League cut Highest cut O
1964/65 9,364 SSC Naples 44,255
1974/75 10,827 Hellas Verona 22,619
1984/85 10,492 AS Bari 22,221
1994/95 7,869 Salernitana Calcio 18,914
1999/00 8,597 SSC Naples 32,835
2000/01 6,942 Torino Calcio 17,027
2002/03 10,075 Sampdoria Genoa 21,802
2003/04 9,523 US Palermo 23,559
2005/06 7.111 Torino FC 24,995
2006/07 8,511 SSC Naples 30,726
2018/19 7,379 US Lecce 12,153

In the 2004/05 season, 3,121,666 visitors saw the 439 games. This means that an average of 7,111 visitors attended a Serie B game. Compared to the numbers of previous years, this means a slight increase, which is nevertheless far below the average of previous years. Nevertheless, one cannot speak of a declining interest: As a rule, a few large traditional clubs play in Serie B, which attract corresponding crowds, and many smaller clubs that are promoted from lower leagues. However, the increase in Serie A to 20 clubs in particular had the result that some teams with high numbers of visitors are now playing in Serie A. Due to the rise of SSC Napoli and CFC Genoa from Serie C1 and C2 as well as the forced relegation of Juventus Turin from Serie A, a renewed increase in interest was expected for the 2006/07 season.

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