Casey Simons

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Casey Simons biathlon
Association United StatesUnited States United States
birthday March 26, 1985
society University OF Utah SKI Team
Trainer Eli Brown
Wendy Wagner
Admission to the
national team
status active
Medal table
NAM medals 1 × gold 0 × silver 0 × bronze
USM medals 1 × gold 1 × silver 1 × bronze
North America ChampionshipTemplate: medals_winter sports / maintenance / unrecognized
gold 2010 Fort Kent sprint
Logo of the US ski team US championships
silver 2009 Fort Kent Mass start
gold 2010 Fort Kent sprint
bronze 2010 Fort Kent Mass start
World Cup balance
last change: June 2, 2010

Casey Simons (born March 26, 1985 ) is an American biathlete and former cross-country skier .

Casey Simons lives in Park City and starts for the University OF Utah SKI team , where he is trained by Eli Brown and Wendy Wagner. In cross-country skiing, Simons has been taking part in international races of the Continental Cup, the FIS, the Nor-Am Cup and the US Super Tour since 2002 . Often he achieved results in the top 20, more rarely in the top 10. In 2004 he started in Stryn at the Junior World Championship, where 43rd place was the best result in the sprint competition. In 2005 he again took part in the Junior World Championships in Rovaniemi and was Sprint 46. In 2008 Simons switched to biathlon. He achieved his breakthrough in North America in the 2008/09 season. In the Biathlon-NorAm-Cup 2008/09 he ran in La Patrie behind Jesse Downs at the beginning of 2009 in sprint and pursuit in second place. At the US Biathlon Championships in Fort Kent in 2009 he was first sixth in the sprint and just missed a medal in the subsequent pursuit race in fourth place. He won this as runner-up behind Kevin Patzoldt in the mass start race.

The 2009/10 season was also successful for Simons. In the 2009/10 Biathlon NorAm Cup , he finished third overall. At the North American Biathlon Championships in 2010 , he won the sprint title, but fell back to fifth in the pursuit. in the mass start he missed another medal with fourth place. At the US championships , which were held at the same time , he won the sprint title, came fourth in the pursuit race and won the bronze medal in the mass start.

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