Catch 22 (tape)

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Catch 22
General information
Genre (s) Ska punk
founding 1996
Founding members
Tomas Kalnoky (until 1999)
Josh Ansley (until 1999)
Chris Greer
Kevin Gunther (since 2001 vocals)
Ryan Eldred (from 2001 vocals)
Jamie Egan (until 1999)
subsequent members
Jeff Davidson (1999-2001)
Pat "Mingus" Kays (from 1999)
Pat Calpin (from 1999)
Mike Soprano (1999-2001)
Ian McKenzie (from 2001)

Catch 22 (Eng. "Zwickmühle") is a ska-punk band that was founded in 1996 in the US state of New Jersey . Tomas Kalnoky and Chris Greer, who had already played together in the band Gimp, founded the band together with trumpeter Kevin Gunther.

Band history

In 1997 Catch 22 recorded their demo tape called Rules of the Game and after a while they were signed by the Victory Records label . There they released their debut album Keasbey Nights in 1998 , which was very well received by fans of the genre and was soon traded as a milestone in Ska-Punk .

Josh Ansley, Jamie Egan and songwriter Tomas Kalnoky left the band despite the success. They have been replaced by Pat Calpin (guitar), Mike Soprano (trombone), Pat "Mingus" Kays (bass) and Jeff Davidson (vocals). The songs were henceforth mainly written by Davidson and Eldred. In 2000, Catch 22 released their second album Alone in a Crowd . The EPs Washed Up and Washed Up and through the Ringer followed .

In 2001 singer Jeff Davidson left the band. Trombonist Mike Soprano was replaced by Ian McKenzie, who came from the band Edna's Goldfish . Saxophonist Ryan Eldred and trumpeter Kevin Gunter took over the vocal part. In 2003, Catch 22 released their sixth album, Dinosaur Sounds .

The former members of Catch 22 Tomas Kalnoky and Jamie Egan founded the band Streetlight Manifesto in early 2003 , which released their first album Everything Goes Numb at the end of the same year .

In 2006 Streetlight Manifesto released a new recording of the Catch 22 album Keasbey Nights , which was the same as the original album except for a few solos, while the recording quality was greatly improved.

Catch 22, on the other hand, presented the album Permanent Revolution in 2006 , on which all 11 songs are dedicated to the life and work of the Russian revolutionary and Marxist theorist Leon Trotsky .


  • 1997 - Rules of the Game (Demo Tape)
  • 1998 - Keasbey Nights
  • 1999 - Washed Up ( EP )
  • 2000 - Alone in a Crowd
  • 2001 - Washed Up and through the Ringer (EP)
  • 2003 - Dinosaur Sounds
  • 2004 - Catch 22 Live (Live CD / DVD )
  • 2006 - Permanent Revolution (June 2006)

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