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Rancid (2006)

The ska-punk is a crossover -Stilrichtung from ska and punk rock . A sub-genre of Ska-Punk is Skacore , in which Ska is mixed with Hardcore Punk . The transition between the two is fluid.


Ska-punk combines punk rock with stylistic elements of ska, such as the use of brass or the offbeat rhythm. The varieties of Ska-Punk are different. The more punk-influenced variant usually includes a fast tempo, distorted guitar sounds, recordings in the rhythm of the classic punk style (often in the chorus), rough and screeched vocals.

In the more Ska-influenced variant of Ska-Punk, the instruments are usually played "cleaner"; the singing is a little rough to "normal" (clean). Electric guitar , electric bass , drums , saxophone , trombone , trumpet and other wind instruments are usually used as instruments . Due to the connection with the punk movement, the song lyrics are traditionally left politically .


The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (2008)

In the late 1970s, the style elements of ska and punk were combined in the 2-tone movement for the first time ; The first bands in the 2-tone genre were, for example, The Specials , The Selecter or The Beat . The combination of the two directions became more popular during the third wave ska wave of the 1980s. As the movement of third wave ska grew, other varieties were also tried. Ska-punk arose from third-wave ska, which was played much faster, as well as elements of punk .

Operation Ivy was one of the first bands in the US to play this style in the late 1980s . In Germany, clichés were already playing punk rock with strong ska and calypso influences as early as 1980 . Ska-punk became popular in the 1990s, especially in the USA, through bands like Five Iron Frenzy and Operation Ivy 's successor, Rancid . In the mid-1980s, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones created skacore by mixing third wave ska with hardcore punk .

In recent years, however, the texts have lost more and more of their radicalism and are more devoted to the fun and problems of young people without any real political background. This can be seen, for example, at Less Than Jake or Reel Big Fish . Other popular groups such as The OC Supertones , Five Iron Frenzy and The Insyderz stand out for their Christian texts. In contrast, bands like Ska-P , Mad Caddies and Citizen Fish can still be classified on the left .


The listeners of ska-punk are not only made up of fans of ska and punk rock , this can sometimes be clearly seen from concerts of the genre. The followers wear clothing from the fields of pop-punk or skatepunk . The “distinguishing mark” of Ska, the black and white checkerboard pattern, is also popular . At the same time, many parts of the clothing style from older generations of Ska were "adopted" in the 1990s, for example black tie, white shirt and felt hat. The dance at the concerts contains elements of skanking and pogo .

Well-known bands

Less Than Jake (2006)
Reel Big Fish (2008)
Streetlight Manifesto (2012)
Ska-P (2005)

The important representatives of this direction include: