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Ska-P at the Chiemsee Reggae Summer 2013
Ska-P at the Chiemsee Reggae Summer 2013
General information
Genre (s) Ska punk , punk rock , ska , alternative rock , pop punk
founding 1994, 2008
resolution 2005
Founding members
"Pulpul" (Roberto Gañán Ojea)
Vocals, guitar
Toni Eskobar (until 1995)
Julio César Sánchez
"Kogote" (Alberto Javier Amado)
Current occupation
Singing, rhythm guitar
"Pulpul" (Roberto Gañán Ojea)
"Pipi" (Ricardo Degaldo de la Obra) (since 1995)
"Joxemi" (José Miguel Redín)
Electric bass
Julio César Sánchez
"Kogote" (Alberto Javier Amado)
Luismi (Luis Miguel García) (since 1999)
Gari (Garikoitz Badiola) (since 2001)
"Txikitin" (Alberto Iriondo) (since 2001)

Ska-P (pronounced [ ɛ ]) is a Spanish Skapunk - band from Vallecas , Madrid .

Band history

Ska-P was founded in Madrid in 1994. According to band legend, it was a prophetic apparition in the form of a stray, three-legged cat named López that led to the formation of this music group. This tomcat is still the group's symbol and mascot today.

The band name is pronounced as "eskape" and is a play on words from "escape" (literally translated: "escape" or "escape!") And the music genre Ska-Punk.

Ska-P started as a pure hobby band and stylistically quickly settled on Ska-Punk with socially critical texts. To be denounced u. a. Violence, social cold, bullfighting , the prohibition of marijuana / drugs , temporary employment agencies , globalization, wars and the consumer society , which however does not correspond to the known Babylon system , as they are strictly anti-religious. Politically, the band members pose as anarchists and anti-capitalists. In addition, the members advocate the economic independence of Latin America both in the lyrics of their songs and in public statements . Despite the fundamentally anti-capitalist stance, the band releases their albums on the major label BMG and has great commercial successes, especially in Spain. In the meantime, Ska-P is the most famous Spanish skapunk band. Ska-P has meanwhile also achieved a high level of awareness in Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and Latin America.

Due to their great popularity, Ska-P also helped other bands, such as the Asesinos Cereales, to gain a larger fan base. At concerts in Germany they often played as the opening act for well-known bands such as Sondaschule and Die Toten Hosen .

Because of the song Intifada , Ska-P is accused of anti-Semitism by some left groups in Germany .

Separation and reunion

On October 14, 2005, the band announced on their website that they would take an indefinite break after 11 years of existence. On October 12th 2007 Pulpul announced on the official Ska-P homepage that the band plans to rehearse together again.

"Sometime next year there might be a new record, but only if things work out."

"Sometime next year there might be a new album, but only if everything goes well."

Joxemi currently plays with No Relax and has already released two albums with them, while Pipi released the album Jaula de Grillos with The Locos on May 9, 2006 in Spain and on June 2, 2006 in Germany . The Locos' music comes very close to that of Ska-P, as some songs were processed that were initially written for Ska-P. Kogote released some songs with the project "No Roots", but so far no album.

At the end of 2007, a few weeks after the announcement that they would start a new attempt as a band, all band members published a letter to their fans on the band's website. With this the band announced the return of Ska-P. Pipi initially wanted to stay with his new band The Locos, as he considered it unfair to let his new bandmates down and was therefore against a return from Ska-P. However, a solution was found in which Pipi can play both at The Locos and at Ska-P. So Ska-P could return in full line-up.

In the autumn of 2008 the previously announced studio album Lágrimas y Gozos (German translation: "Tears and joys") was released. Concerts followed, including in German-speaking countries.


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Lágrimas y gozos
  IT 6th 10/12/2008 (8 weeks)
Todo Ska-P
  IT 16 03.03.2013 (20 weeks)
  IT 3 03/10/2013 (19 weeks)
Game over
  IT 6th 14.10.2018 (9 weeks)

Studio albums

  • Ska-P ( AZ Records ) - 1994
  • El vals del obrero ( RCA Records ) - 1996
  • Eurosis (RCA Records) - 1998
  • Planeta Eskoria (RCA Records) - 2000
  • ¡¡Que Corra La Voz !! (RCA Records) - 2002
  • Lágrimas y Gozos (RCA Records) - 2008
  • 99% (Warner) - 2013
  • Game Over - 2018

Live albums

  • Incontrolable ( CD + DVD ) - 2004
  • En Concierto ( CD , only in France) - 2009
  • Live in Woodstock (CD + DVD) - 2016


  • Cannabis (El vals del obrero) - 1996
  • Ñapa Es (El vals del obrero) - 1996
  • Paramilitar (Eurosis) - 1998
  • Planeta Eskoria (Planeta Eskoria) - 2000
  • Derecho de Admisión (Planeta Eskoria) - 2000
  • Crimen Sollicitationis (Lágrimas y Gozos) - 2008
  • Canto a la rebelión (99%) - 2013
  • Se Acabó (99%) - 2013

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