Operation Ivy (tape)

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Operation ivy
General information
origin Berkeley , United States
Genre (s) Ska-punk , hardcore punk , punk-rock
founding 1987
resolution 1989
Founding members
Jesse Michaels
Tim Armstrong aka "Lint"
Dave Mello
Matt Freeman

Operation Ivy was a ska-punk band from California ( USA ).


Operation Ivy consisted from 1987 to 1989 of the members Dave Mello, Jesse Michaels, Tim Armstrong aka "Lint" and Matt Freeman. Their roots are in Oakland , California near San Francisco , then a melting pot of punk music. Operation Ivy are one of the first bands after The Mighty Mighty Bosstones to combine the genres of ska and punk . The lyrics are often politically influenced, whereby the way punks and skinheads treat each other also play a role.

The band was named after the nuclear test "Operation Ivy" in 1952. The band gained their fame through frequent appearances at the Gilman Street Club in Berkeley , California. Shortly after the first and only studio album Energy was released , it was released on Lookout! Records , which was preceded by the EP Hectic and two songs on a compilation, the band broke up because, according to their own statements, they were "too successful" and saw this commercial success as incompatible with their punk ethic.

There are two reasons why Operation Ivy retrospectively advanced to become one of the most influential ska-punk bands: On the one hand, Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman founded the band Rancid , which still exists today, a few years after the breakup , and which became one of the most successful punk bands in the world in the mid-1990s has been. On the other hand, Green Day covered - their beginnings at the same time as Operation Ivy in Gilman and at Lookout! Records are - on their second EP the song Knowledge (as a slow Ska piece and according to their own statements without permission) and made it known to this day in live performances for the fact that viewers from the audience are spontaneously asked to take the stage instead of Band playing the instruments.


year title Label information
1988 Hectic Lookout! Records Debut EP
1989 Energy Lookout! Records 19 track LP
1991 Energy Lookout! Records 27-title new edition including "Hectic" and "Turn it Around"
1992 Plea for Peace M&E Records Posthumous EP, with "Uncertain", "Troublebound", "Someday", and "Plea for Peace"
2007 Operation ivy Hellcat Records A remastered reissue of the 1991 album Energy

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