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René "Challain" Ferret (also "Challun" Ferret, * 1914 ; † 1996 ) was a French gypsy jazz and musette guitarist. He is also known as the "fourth honorary brother " of the three Ferret brothers.

Live and act

René "Challain" Ferret, a cousin of jazz guitarists Pierre Joseph "Baro" , Etienne "Sarane" and Jean Pierre "Matelo" Ferret , played rhythm guitar with Gus Viseur from the late 1930s ("Swing Valse", " It Had to Be You ”) and with the Quintette du Hot Club de France . With Matelo and Baro Ferret and bassist Maurice Speilleux he formed Le Trio Ferret , which recorded several records in Paris in 1938/39 (including "Ma Théo", "Gin Gin" and "La Valse des Niglos"). In 1938 recordings were made with the saxophonist Albert Ferreri (including "Andalousi" and " Exactly Like You ").

In February 1948 he appeared at the Festival de Jazz in Nice with Stéphane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt and took part in the following studio recordings for the Swing label in Paris (" Oh, Lady Be Good "). In the field of jazz he was involved in eleven recording sessions between 1938 and 1948. In the 1950s he accompanied accordionist André Verchuren and violinist Yoska Nemeth . After his marriage, he moved to Midi , where he continued to perform locally, in the 1980s with a jazz band called Django Jazz . His son Paul "Challain" Ferret is also a guitarist and worked a. a. with Christian Escoudé .

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