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Charles Jean Eugene Van den Borren (born November 17, 1874 in Ixelles , † January 14, 1966 in Uccle ) was a Belgian musicologist .


Charles Van den Borren, a doctor of law and a good amateur pianist, studied music history with Ernest Closson (1870–1950) after seven years as a lawyer . In 1919 he became librarian at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels , which has one of the richest musical collections in Europe. He was a professor of music history at the Universities of Brussels and Liège. In 1937 he became a full member of the Belgian Académie royale des Beaux Arts . 1946 chairman of the Société belge de musicologie .

In addition to scientific committees in Belgium, he was a member of numerous societies outside of Belgium; for example the "Academy of Sciences and Literature" in Mainz, the "Academy of Sciences Vienna", the "Society for the Publication of Monuments of Music in Austria", the "Société française de musicologie", the "Royal Musical Association" in London, the "Society for Music Research" and the "American Musicological Society".

Van den Borren's most important field of activity was research into the music of the Spanish Netherlands , which extended over the area of ​​what is now Belgium, north-west France and the south of what is now the Netherlands, i.e. the home of most of the Franco-Flemish composers who wrote the musical events in this Period at almost all important courts and church states in Europe. These include, for example, names such as Johannes Ciconia , Orlando di Lasso , Johannes Ockeghem , Guillaume du Fay , Josquin Desprez , Adrian Willaert , Antoine Busnoys, but also lesser known masters such as Jean Phillois, Gilles Joye , Lupus Hellinck (1494- around 1541) or Josquin Baston ( around 1515 - around 1576). Another field of activity was research into the work of Belgian Romantic composers such as César Franck and Peter Benoit .

For his work he received the Belgian order of the " Grand Officier des Ordres de Léopold et de la Couronne ", he was particularly proud of the foreign awards, he received high-ranking Dutch, French, Austrian and Italian medals.

Van den Borren and his student and son-in-law Safford Cape founded the “Ensemble Pro Musica Antiqua” in 1933, with which they were able to resound the music they had researched from the period between 1200 and 1600. Important students were Robert Wangermée (* 1920) and Suzanne Clercx-Lejeune (1910–1985), his successor at the Liège University and mother of the musicologist Jérôme Lejeune (* 1952), who founded and supervises the Ricercar label in addition to his teaching activities.

During the occupation of Belgium by the National Socialists in the 1940s, Van den Borren and his wife Madeleine hid two Jewish children at home, among other things, so that they survived the Holocaust .

Fonts (selection)

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