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Chibi Manga is the title of a series of German comics in Manga style the publisher Carlsen Comics . The term chibi comes from Japanese and means small , cute or dwarf . It relates to the size of the volumes and, in connection with manga, can also stand for drawings in the super-deformed style.

Format and publication

The seventeen volumes published so far each contain a story and were published in boxes, but were also sold individually. The first box with five volumes was published at the Leipzig Book Fair in March 2007, followed by another two boxes with six volumes each in September 2007 and April 2008. The fourth box followed in September 2008, containing the first Japanese manga, Blood Hound Special by Kaori Yuki .

The volumes comprise 64 pages and appear in an unusually small format of 9.5 × 14.5 cm.

Published stories

1st box

2nd box

3rd box

  • The trail of Helen Aerni
  • Umbra by Natalia Zaitseva
  • Masterminds by Jeffrey Gold
  • Legacy of the Ocean by Marika Herzog
  • Turnover by Marika Paul
  • A Deamon's Kiss by Rebecca Jeltsch

4th box

  • Papaya by Reinhard Tent
  • Blood Hound Special by Kaori Yuki
  • Stella Brandner is deadly serious
  • Aladdin's heiress to Eva Schmitt and Janine Winter
  • Tarito Fairytale by Detta Zimmermann

5th box

  • Dancing King by Carla Miller and Isabelle Metzen
  • Golden Butterfly by Sabrina Ehnert and Selina Schuster
  • Kentaro by Kim Liersch
  • Mad Matic by Akira Toriyama

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